6 Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

| July 29, 2015

The number one cause of spinal injuries is motor vehicle accidents. There are more than 145,000 people a yr who are involved in car accidents spinal reporting thereafter. Of these, only around 45%, which will look for a chiropractor to have their spinal injury treated. More simply doing until the pain goes away by itself, or end up in an emergency room because of the pain.

We offer many services for spinal injury pain or injuries of all types of spine and spinal cord. A spinal adjustment is both the most seen as chiropractors offer. A spinal adjustment involves the use of a certain level of force in a controlled way and manner which is placed on a joint does not move properly as it should. This makes the joint moving and helps bones to return to a normal position. One goal is to help spinal adjustment spine function properly and help the nervous system to work properly. These manipulations are useful for treatment or relief from neck or back pain, stiff joints and sore throats and other minor aches and pains. This treatment is given only if and when needed in case of an application as a treatment.

Massage therapy is the application of a certain amount of pressure to the soft tissues of the body. This can help heal by creating a greater blood flow and causing muscles to become more flexible and creates elasticity in the muscles and fascia. Works deep tissue, soft tissue mobilization, massage and operating cross are all massage therapy options with your pain. These are all useful for back or neck pain, generalized aches and stiff neck.

Arrangements are other mechanisms that help care for recovery. These include such options as ultrasound recordings, traction, ice and heat, electrical stimulation, h-wave, flexion distraction and micro current. Clinical Nutrition is also offered as part of recovery. No need to take this service, but it is recommended whenever you are recovering from an injury. Nutrition will usually help speed recovery. Such treatments like weight loss, post-operative and pre-operative nutrition and dietary supplements and cholesterol or arthritis use all clinical nutrition.

Offer services such as acute care, chronic and maintenance; basic stabilization, spinal rehab, consolidation, follow up auto accident, spinal decompression and worker's compensation cases. Each case is different because each spine is different. We treat as a family member and not just another case. We find that if you are more comfortable with us and your procedures, the healing process can take place faster and with better results. It is best to understand all the particular procedure you will undergo, and the side effects or risks associated with each congruent with your condition. We will consult with you as long as you need and never tires help your condition painful.

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