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| May 30, 2015

Blood pressure, all should, and need to know ancient Greek physician Galen

Was convinced that blood was produced in the heart. Galen was the first to build on beliefs that were designed earlier by Hippocrates, that the body was composed of three distinct systems, systems that have worked together to support good health and life.

Hippocratic hypothesis that the three systems of the corpses had, brain, nerves, and blood pressure there. This caused blood pressure to be forced through the blood vessels bodies. He believed this hidden blood pressure was really what sustained life, and provided the human body with a very important energy, an energy that eventually led to the body being able to function and survive. He also believed that blood flow through the liver and veins, gave way to feed body and aid in growth and good health.

After hundreds of years, and a lot of research we now see that Hippocrates and Galen were not far from their hypotheses. The blood is pressed by the body through the heart. With each heart beat is pumping exercises to propel blood. Blood ultimately offering every system in the body, with a blood supply. Not only blood that carries oxygen to nourish every cell in the body, but also blood with circulatory system acts as a means of transport to the liver, where blood is filters harmful impurities.

So it will assume a healthy blood pressure is important for several reasons. It works to feed the cells of organs, and promote good cell function and benefits under the healthy immune system, and ability to avoid disease. A blood pressure reading

Health as most of us know is 120/80. But what these figures? I must have hypertension if the lower this number is 90? What effect does this have on the heart when my top number is 140?

Superior Reading (120) is called systolic pressure (sp). Sp is the pressure when the heart will exercise blood is pumped. The heart must exert a good amount of pressure to propel blood on the road. A healthy reading is systolic blood pressure between 110 – 120. This shows the heart is not working beyond its capacity desirable when working phase.

Down reading (80) is called the diastolic pressure. This is when the heart is resting phase. This number indicates your heart at rest, a period so necessary. This gives your heart the time needed to refill with blood, and it is ready for the next systolic efforts. Blood pressure health

A person will fluctuate with physical activity, and stress. So, when you visit your doctor, and tension is running a bit high, you may need to check it out again later in the day. You may be pleased that the stress of worrying about visiting doctors may be spiked blood, and now is normal. We recommend a blood pressure monitoring device. It is a wonderful little tool to have in the house.

We covered good for blood pressure readings rules at the time to provide you with abnormal readings. Blood pressure varies important to know, and look for.

Pre-hypertension: It is when the systolic blood (Top Number) pressure reading is between 120 and 139 or diastolic your reading (bottom number) blood pressure is between 82 and 89 on multiple readings, the more readings over a period of several days. (Note blood pressure can fluctuate depending on stressors.) If you have pre-hypertension are slightly more at risk of developing hypertension true. With pre hypertension may opt to make changes in lifestyle, lose weight with diet changes, to check if lifestyle changes alone will bring down blood pressure. If not medicine may be needed to reduce the pressure. It is always smart to consult your doctor if you are pre-hypertensive recovered.

Hypertension or high blood pressure: It is indicated if your systolic reading is 140 and the diastolic reading is above 90 days for a prolonged period. High blood pressure makes the heart work harder and wear out faster. This ultimately makes the body susceptible to a range of health problems. Complications, such as hypertensive heart disease, myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, blood vessel damage (arteriosclerosis), aortic dissection, kidney damage, kidney failure, stroke, brain damage, loss of sight. If you have hypertension, in time to defiantly consult your doctor for recommendations.

Unfortunate problem with high blood pressure is that it is concealed and can go undetected because usually presents few or no actual symptoms. As the most typical symptoms of blurred vision, dizziness, headache, ringing in the ears, washed facial skin. Most people with high blood pressure have no adverse symptoms. This is a good reason, it is a good idea to have a blood pressure monitoring device in the home. Hypertension is very controllable

With the right treatment. Treatment of hypertension requiring you to change your diet, and possibly lose some weight. Hypertension will require lifelong monitoring defiant with drugs. It is very important to get good medical care, a doctor to monitor your readings, and prescribe appropriate medication and monitor blood pressure. High blood pressure is fortunately a disease if diagnosed, it is very treatable. It is most defiantly a condition need not ignore.

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