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| August 6, 2015

Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy Complications

By Sue Bristol, RN

Hemorrhoids have always been "a joke", but they are actually no laughing matter. When you develop or intensify during pregnancy situation becomes even more complicated.

Hemorrhoids are caused by increased abdominal pressure, often as a result of constipation and straining. It is imperative that they be released during pregnancy due to increased abdominal pressure, which is yet to come; that is, labor and delivery.

Taking action to relieve the pressure and ease inflammation can eliminate the threat of future complications.

There are two types of hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids inside the rectum and 1.Internal development can not be seen without a medical instrument. 2.External Hemorrhoids occur around the anus and are visible.

So what can go wrong with hemorrhoids treated? What are the possible complications?

Thrombosis: This means that an external hemorrhoid has developed a clot.

Bottleneck: In this case, the blood supply to the hemorrhoid was cut. This situation requires immediate medical intervention.

Gangrene: This is the death of tissue and can result from untreated strangulated hernia.

Sepsis: This is a generalized blood infection that can result if developing gangrene.

GI bleeding: If you see blood in the stool, the doctor will need to determine where it comes from. There is a continuous transition between the mouth and anus.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that blood in the stool is hemorrhoids irritated. (If the blood is bright red rather than dark or even black, this is an indication that the source is close to the anus.)

Hemorrhoids, even those irritated usually do not bleed enough to cause significant losses; still, blood in the stool is serious and should be investigated.

Anemia: If blood loss is significant, reaching a long time, it may become somewhat anemic. This is a rare event, but is included to examine what can happen if a hemorrhoids are ignored.

Tenesmus: This is a feeling that the bowel does not empty. It can occur with hemorrhoids and may occur with pregnancy. Therefore, if you feel that the bowel is not completely empty, consult your doctor to ensure that there is a hidden reason for this symptom.

Constipation: This is a significant cause of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids often develop or worsen during pregnancy because of the extra weight, hormonal changes, and increased abdominal pressure.

This creates a case of "the worse it gets, the worse it gets." Symptoms of hemorrhoids during pregnancy must be addressed lest worsening constipation, causing hemorrhoids to worsen, and on and on.

Infection: A condition called pruritus years may develop skin around the anus. This occurs due to improper cleaning after a stool anus due sensitivity.

Now for a little perspective. The purpose of this article was exactly as stated: To explain the possible complications from hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Vast majority of pregnant women with hemorrhoids do not develop any of these complications. In fact, you will experience major complication is pain, itching, burning, and bleeding associated with hemorrhoids and reduce your quality of life during this time.

Not let it be. Deal with Hemorrhoids.

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