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| September 12, 2015

Plastic surgery costs can vary greatly from one surgeon to another. Several factors govern the cost of certain plastic surgery. Several major factors include the surgeon's expertise and experience, and the duration and complexity of the procedure. In addition, the cost can vary depending on the clinical setting to another. A surgeon who owns a state of the art clinic and wielding advanced equipment would charge more for a certain procedure in order to cover the costs of investment / sale. The same procedure if performed in a clinical unit pretty average may incur a significantly lower expense.

Any price, should be disclosed and settled on before surgery. Some medical facilities tout attractive bargains, concealing certain costs to fool potential customers. Therefore, patients should ensure that the cost agreed to covers the surgery, anesthesia, post-operative examinations and corrective procedures, if necessary. The patient must also make sure that the surgeon has a provision for post-operative care. In general, plastic surgery costs not covered by insurance, if the surgical procedure is regarded as a reconstructive procedure. However, more funding schemes are available which allow the patient to pay in easy installments.

The advent of plastic surgery, the procedure was the prerogative of the affluent few, because the costs were simply overwhelming. However, with technological advances, plastic surgery procedures are now almost ubiquitous. This has significantly reduced costs and made plastic surgery accessible to the population. Costs depend on the particular plastic surgery procedure performed, and can range between $ 1.500 and $ 8.000. According to the American Society for the most recent (2003) estimates for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery's, the average expense incurred several major procedures is as follows: –

– Breast augmentation – $ 3.360
– Breast lift – $ 3.965
– Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck ) – $ 4.827
– Breast Reduction (women) – $ 5,351
– facelift – $ 5.966
– Lower Body Lift – $ 7.874
– Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) – $ 3,869

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