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| July 25, 2015

Pregnancy Week by week tracking tools or calendars are great tools to keep track of your baby's growth during pregnancy. You can also gain knowledge of various pregnancy symptoms or signs of pregnancy. Most pregnancy calendars or guides

Chart babys growth during pregnancy week by week. Although the child continues to grow mostly all day pass, but the changes and development of the child is mostly manifested over a period of weeks. Therefore, during the full load was divided into three trhymesters with 40 weeks. Following the babys growth in pregnancy week by week information and or pregnancy calendars, you can have an idea about what your child looks like at a particular point in time. Moreover, if you find something missing, you can get medical assistance immediately. Lets take a look at all your important developments of the least growth during the forty weeks.

First Trhymester

First pregnancy week by week trhymester covers week 1 to week 14. The first two weeks of this trhymester denote the period from your last menses till conception or till that moment the sperm fertilizes the egg when. By the end of week 3, the fertilized egg is metamorphosed into an embryo. During week 4 you begin to feel symptoms early pregnancy nausea. Week 5 marks the beginning of formation of all major organs of the baby's body. In fact, this is the week when the embryo starts metamorphosis into a baby. Come week 6 and the baby's heart beat for the first time. Your baby doubles in size during week 7. By week 9, the baby's sex can be determined and the embryo becomes a small baby by week 10. Week 14 will discover another sign of pregnancy enlarging and darkening the area around the nipple.

Two Trhymester

Second week trhymester comprises 15 to 26. Earlier this week trhymester ie 15 weeks, the baby begins movement of head, lips, and feet. Due to upward movement of uterus, the pregnancy symptom of frequent urination would deviate from week 16. Baby begins blinking, sucking, and swallowing in week 17. Due to myelinization of nerves, nerve cell transmission registers a growth necessary to carry reflex body faster. During week 20, the baby starts to sleep and wake up regularly. By week 24, the baby's heart rate becomes so clear that it can be heard by placing an ear on stomach. And before the end of the second trhymester, brain wave activity starts for the ears and eyes.


Third trhymester the third week of pregnancy week by week begins and ends with the birth of 27 baby ie approximately week 40. Week 27 heralds increased movements of the baby. Senses of sound, smell, taste develop by week 29. During week 34, the baby's own immune system begins to develop. Most of the babies are born around this period. By this week, watch for any signs of labor. In any case, the child is born at the end of the week 40. Sometimes, this period may be extended by two weeks.

By keeping yourself updated with the help of information Pregnancy Week by week, you can keep watch over various signs of pregnancy and your baby's growth. If you feel your baby's growth is not in consonance with the week by week chart, you can get medical attention immediately.

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