Diet for Hypertension

| August 2, 2015

Diet is extremely important for people with high blood pressure because unrecommended food intake can lead to kidney failure or heart failure, hypertension attacks.People who must take a healthy diet if they need to improve their condition.

To lower blood pressure is very important not to eat salt or products containing fat. Doctors at the American Heart Association recommend eating vegetables, fruits, and low fat foods. They help to lower blood pressure. A quarter of the American population is suffering from high blood pressure, and following a healthy diet can help improve their health by lowering blood pressure.
minerals that the body needs to reduce blood pressure are calcium, magnesium and potasium.Calcium is an important ingredient in recipes to lower blood pressure, and it also helps when you have bone problems, but in normal doses should to be handled carefully and not exceedd as excess calcium can lead to other problems.Food should be low in fat and sodium.Also, as said before, is very important to reduce the level of salt consumption (not more than 6 grams of salt per day, should be treated, but the exact level may be given only by your doctor) if you need to reduce pressure.It blood was demonstrated that a natural diet without drastically reduce salt blood pressure and the risk of having a stroke, since the natural food, such as fruit has a high concentration of electrolytes, which plays an important role in lowering blood pressure. But they are not the only component of a healthy diet that helps. This topic still under investigation.

Course two highly dangerous factors that increase blood pressure and serious risk of being struck by a heart attack are alcohol and tobacco. Smoking is prohibited when suffering from hypertension and drinking should be kept under two drinks a day. Overweight people should seriously consider losing weight if they need to reduce their blood pressure, and need special diets, of course.
conclusion is that diet is extremely important and could save even life.If you need to change your diet to reduce blood pressure for special diets searching the web or library books on this topic.

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