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| September 3, 2015

In the early days, health professionals were reluctant to prescribe medications for patients with a blood pressure reading of 160/100 Hg lower. Now the levels were found to be dangerous as they were regarded as mild hypertension.

Thinking behind this was that all the possible side effects of medication used dangers at the time could exceed its benefits. The chances of increased adverse reactions and increased side effects of drugs were considered too great to justify the introduction of drugs.

Things have moved on however they changed their attitude. Both of the above perception of danger of side effects and mild nature of the blood pressure readings have led to discontinuation of this practice.

Recent research confirmed the importance of treating Stage 1 Hypertension (a reading of 140/90 and 159/99 between Hg) as soon as possible with medication. It is now also considered best practice to treat patients suffering from diabetes and hypertension also if their readings are as low as 130/80 Hg. Sensitivity pharmaceuticals nowadays is such that blood pressure levels can be controlled with much lower doses, with a corresponding decrease in the risk of side effects.

There has never been a greater variety of drugs available to Doctors from which to choose. These anti-hypertension drugs also include many types that have a combination of several different types of drugs. The new types of drugs often have a different chemical makeup and structure compared to traditional medicine but quite often produce nearly identical effects on the human body.

Variety and complexity of medicine is such now that health professionals can produce plans and programs tailored to the individual patient and, in most cases care prescribe drugs that have side effects negligible to the patient and protect against possible difficulties line. The common approach agreed

Initial treatment pressure nowadays is to start slow and low and then titration of medication prescribed to hypertension levels sink to a normal level. If this is not shown to work or causes troublesome side effects then a large number of substitutes available for use.

Location Here are 140/90 Hg levels. For patients with diabetes or chronic kidney disease, when the ideal targets are reduced to 130/80 Hg. For Stage 2 Hypertension (the old levels of conventional high blood pressure), then the course is acceptable to start with at least 2 drugs. If this does not seem to be working, then the idea is to start an additional course of medication using another drug alongside the first two.

As in all cases like this, the effectiveness of these programs and care plans is greatly increased by a reduction of activities that could cause problems associated therefore changing your diet; reducing alcohol consumption and quitting smoking greatly helpful to do everything.

Nuff said really.

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