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| December 23, 2015

At the risk of sounding sarcastic and being hunted by lobby feminist hypertension is what they call a condition equal opportunity "and by that I mean that does exactly what it says it can strike anyone of any gender at a time .

I want to emphasize here that I am certainly not sexist in any way shape or form in Outlook I want to emphasize this point was more than a matter of record than anything else.

But, and this is If it becomes serious, although both men and women can develop high blood pressure, there are some areas where the gender gap can make a difference.

One of the major areas where women have to be wary of and certainly guard against it early onset of high blood pressure. It is sad that three of every four women who are suffering hypertension are aware of the condition and their situation. However, and this seems to be the reality amazing, studies indicate that more than thirty three percent of the same women do something positive for controlling their hypertension.

To try and emphasize this point another way. What do you think was the main cause of death in women in the Western world? The obvious answer would Cancer yet this would also incorrect answer.

According to scientists, the leading cause of death among women in the world today is heart disease that affects nearly 35 percent of all women at one time or another in their lives.

One in ten women in the United States between the ages of 45 and 64 suffer from some form of heart disease between. This seems to rise to over one in four women aged 65 years Add to this the fact that about 2 million women have suffered from the effects of having a stroke over and you start to get the extent or magnitude of this.

Hypertension is one of the biggest factors that contribute to an individual stroke and heart disease. Even slightly elevated blood pressure levels can double a woman's risk and that if not controlled can further increase the risk of developing congestive heart failure and kidney disease.

So what could be done to try and prevent this condition from developing or to control once held?

First, it could be controlled once you have been diagnosed and yes, there are some preventative measures you can take to minimize the risk of hypertension.

Limit alcohol consumption to reasonable levels. Secondly, using less salt and sodium in cooking. Third, try and stay as physically active as you can and get regular exercise as much as possible.

If you suffer from weight problems, then try and lose as much as you can and try and get this is as nice and controlled manner as possible. Aim to keep the weight off once it has been lost.

If necessary, take a look controlled and measured eating habits and dietary intake. The goal for good nutrition and balanced diet and aim for health first.

If you smoke, then stop – this should be a given.

Finally, the measure, if possible levels of iron and other vitamins / minerals (such as calcium) in your body core system. Young women lose large amounts of iron through menstruation on a monthly basis. Where possible keep things such as milk and milk products on the agenda because they are vital sources of calcium.

So as you can see, far from being selective, high blood pressure is well and truly an equal opportunity condition.

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