Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning

| August 14, 2017

Carpeting is not getting any cheaper these days. And if you want quality, expensive carpet to remain in good shape, professional cleaning is incredibly important. The accumulation of dirt and debris inside carpet can result in significant damage to the base of its fibers. And it’s not just a matter of dust and dirt. Especially in households with children, carpets seem to function as a magnet for stains. Whether it’s a juice box or the dreaded glass of red wine, you’re just one spill away from potential tragedy. And despite all of the old wives tales about how to clean stubborn stains, professional chemicals and techniques are still the way to go.

If you ignore accumulated dirt and staining for the long haul, you can bet that your carpet investment was merely a waste of money. And once stains set in firmly, restoration becomes super problematic. In all likelihood, you’ll never see the original state of your carpets again. Like we said earlier, carpet is getting to be more and more expensive and should be perfectly capable of lasting you for 10 to 15 years with proper pleading and maintenance.

Will always recommend that the job is done by someone professional, as this is far more reliable than trying to do it yourself. In fact, professional carpet cleaners use a wide range of designed to extend the useful life of your carpeting.

Environmentally Friendly Methods of Cleaning

To begin, make sure that your cleaning solution is completely free of toxins. When the wrong chemicals are used, they can be exceedingly harsh on delicate fibers and can even leave a residue behind that might be dangerous for your pets and/or children. You want to make sure that you and/or professionals don’t use any of these problem materials. And remember that sticky residue left behind during the cleaning attempt is likely to attract the very grime and dust that you don’t want on your carpet.

We favor cleaning formulations made from natural substances. Not only are they good for your carpet, but the part you discard is much safer for the environment too. We can’t always be ecology friendly, but we should certainly try whenever possible. These gentle cleaning materials are also less likely to trigger allergies, and in our experience, those are common within families.

Professionally Trained Carpet Cleaning Experts with a Depth of Experience

Achieving a deep clean for carpets takes a great deal of time. It doesn’t happen within the confines of your weekly or biweekly vacuuming process. Dirt and dust have a way of embedding themselves much further down in the carpet than an average vacuum cleaner can fully reach. There’s a decent chance that you’ll just be agitating the grime and moving it from one place to another within the carpet itself.

To get at it properly, and more importantly to have it fully remove, you really do need professional equipment and the type of cleaning solutions that we discussed above. Most professional carpet cleaning companies rely on experts with the deep amount of experience, and this can really pay big dividends when you’re trying to remove stains that are complex.
Let these technicians do the work for you. The truth is, they have a much better chance of restoring your carpets to like new condition. We understand that everyone wants to save money, and DIY is a popular mentality these days. But dingy carpets reflect poorly on your choices.

Take the time to research the best carpet cleaning in Woodbridge VA, and you can count on excellent performance at a reasonable price. Your carpets deserve the extra attention!

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