First month pregnancy symptoms

| May 7, 2015

So you just found your partner is pregnant. You hear a lot about the pregnancy, but now it happens to you, or rather your partner. What does this mean for her? What are the stages first month pregnancy and how pregnancy will affect your life?

First month can be relatively uneventful. In all likelihood, much of what happens in this period will be completed later learn even your partner is pregnant. A lot of people think a woman will not have a menstrual cycle after conceiving, but this is not always true. It could be the first month of pregnancy stages, or even after, before realizes she is pregnant. Most of the behavioral changes that occur in pregnant women happen after the fetus has reached high enough to cause any noticeable weight gain. During pregnancy stages first month, the fetus is still an embryo and not large enough to cause many changes in the way she feels.

Sometimes the first indication that a woman may be pregnant is when she develops a nausea that does not seem far from done. The woman can try a lot of things, because she might think is just a cold or a bad case of indigestion. If your partner has had several days or weeks, nausea and vomiting, it is a good idea to take them to a doctor. She may be sick; However, there is a chance she may be pregnant. Do not be fooled by the name, by the way. Morning sickness can occur at any time during the day. It is a good idea if you can make sure your partner eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water during pregnancy, especially now. If it can not keep all the food she eats, what eats must be nutritious. It can also become dehydrated, which is why it will have to drink more water than she mostly does not.

Month could be visible could be fluctuations in mood. Sometimes they really start in the second month, but subtle shifts in her mood could be seen within the first months. These changes are caused by hormones change them. The embryo is also starting to produce hormones. Mixture of hormones causes many and frequent mood fluctuations even any strange food cravings. Because the embryo has not reached high enough to produce a lot of hormones, these mood swings and food cravings are not visible to the end, but will indicate a new phase of pregnancy begins.

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