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| August 9, 2015

One of the most striking observations from the study of human physiology is the dependence of human life on the brain, or master controller. The brain receives about 1,200 ml of blood / minute and attracts almost 20% of total energy. A careful examination will reveal that the brain actually dictates the behavior of every living cell and tissue of the body.

Among the various diseases that can affect the nervous system, stroke is of particular importance because it is the leading cause of adult disability. Approximately 750,000 episodes of stroke are thought to occur in the US each year, prompting concerns regarding the financial resources allocated for treatment.

Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and ALS are other neurological disorders for which an effective treatment is yet to be developed.

Now it is obvious that the circulatory system can be used as a way to deliver stem cells to the damaged brain to facilitate repair and recovery. A number of stem cell treatment studies performed in animal models have shown structural and functional recovery in animals designed to mimic human models of CNS injury and disease.

People with neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and spinal cord injuries Lou Gehrig's disease, and have few options, and their diseases are considered mainly as incurable. Treatment with stem cells promise to change that.

Stem cell treatment is available to anyone approaching foreign patients to India to get treatment and also preserving high as it is now stem cell treatment is available for patients in Africa, but the potential costs of stem cell treatment Africa may be prohibitively expensive, which encourages hope and search for a cure for illnesses, accidents and disease processes to travel to India.

In recent years, neurons and glial cells have been successfully generated stem cells, mesenchymal stem like cells and neural stem cells, and the efforts of investigators to develop stem cell based transplantation for Parkinson's disease brain, Huntington's disease, ALS, Alzheimer's disease, MS, stroke, spinal cord injury, brain tumor, and lysosomal storage diseases and prospects for stem cell treatment of neurological disorders.

Recently visited India US patient to get stem cell therapy for neurological diseases stem cell treatment in the USA is available, patients come to India and getting treatment for incurable neurological disease SCGF collaborated with centers in India. SCGF is leading the way with many features state-of-the-art operating with doctors stew cell and stem cell centers SCGF have a feature that is exclusively for stem cell transplants and will be conducted by specialists transplant by experienced and renowned stem cells.

This way medical tourism is growing as patients travel from their home country search for stem cell treatment for their terminal illness.

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