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| October 15, 2015

Known or unknown, most people suffer from blood pressure problems, especially hypertension, at any time in their lives. This is mainly because daily life has become a kind of stress. In an attempt to make life easier, people also increased stress levels and that in itself lead to health problems multitude of blood pressure is one. There are people who go though life and living with this condition, and medications that do not affect their level of daily activity and there are others who are unable to reconcile this and end up feeling even more stressed. The fact of the matter is that having high blood pressure is to make any changes, but nothing is radical or drastic in nature and this must be understood by all.

Blood pressure can be defined as the force of blood against artery walls. It is measured using an instrument that records on two levels, first as the heart beats, known as systolic, and the second between heart beats, known as diastolic. 120/80 mmHg, where 120 is considered normal for the systolic and diastolic 80 is considered normal, it is considered to be normal reading constantly above or below this level would be defined as high blood pressure that is high and low blood pressure if lower. Consistent Readings of 140 systolic and 90 diastolic addition would have high blood pressure. This particular disease can affect anyone, irrespective of caste, color, creed, race, geographical location or age.

There are no warning signs of hypertension and the condition can lead to heart attacks, kidney problems and other associated heart disease. Once diagnosed, there is no looking back. Keeping a check on blood pressure is a way to ensure that if you have the condition, it is checked well in time. Many doctors recommend regular health check-ups after a certain age. Some people get hypertension only when you visit the doctor syndrome known as "white coat- hypertension ', where the patient is advised to wear an ambulatory blood pressure monitor, blood pressure which will record all 30 minutes give an accurate picture of his health. The only thing that will help

Now is to make lifestyle changes to take control as the food. There should be an increase in fruit and vegetables and dairy products that are low in fat and lower sodium and salt content of food, alcoholic drinks and saturated fats. Today, the market is filled with food products with a low fat content. Choose rice, beans, cereal and pasta and sauce served without butter, ensure you buy are lean meat and skinless, if possible, try not salt or reduced sodium content of foods and packaged goods.

Keeping control over health through regular medical checks, provide a lifestyle that includes exercise and eating sensibly and enjoy your limits. You will need to take medication regularly, but that should not stop you from normal life at all otherwise.

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