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| August 26, 2015

We've all heard that reducing the level of salt in our diet can help reduce blood pressure. But did you know that there are other foods that can actually help the body reduce blood pressure and possibly accelerate the reduction of blood pressure? The main food group that seems to have the greatest impact on blood pressure as part of a controlled diet is vegetables. So what vegetables help lower blood pressure you ask?

Well, first take a brief look at what has been a huge escalation in the number of people diagnosed with hypertension, and why the numbers are set to continue to grow.

Many experts blame the increase on Western lifestyle and more options such unhealthy lifestyle leaves open to us. Some of the factors that are believed to contribute to increase the risk of hypertension include:

* inactivity and
sedentary lifestyle * Being
overweight or obese *
Smoking * Eating
excessive alcohol * Having a diet
unhealthy * living under stress

Factors of lifestyle are these mostly associated with people living in industrialized countries and other countries develop, it is estimated that the number of cases of people suffering from hypertension will increase to about 1.56 billion by 2025 .

Blood pressure is easy to diagnose, it takes only a few minutes in the doctor's office and will be posted if there is a problem or not. However, a person feels generally no symptoms of high blood pressure, which is why it is often referred to as the silent killer.

Once diagnosed, the doctor will develop a treatment plan specific to your situation, medical history and lifestyle. This may include medication, dietary changes and lifestyle changes. Changes in diet

Many years have shown to have a beneficial impact on those who suffer from high blood pressure, and not just because diets restrict those foods that raise blood pressure as salt, alcohol and foods that are high in fat.

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A diet designed to reduce hypertension will consist mainly of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish and starchy foods (complex carbohydrates).

Is generally recommended that a person increase their intake of fruits and vegetables from 8 to 10 servings a day. One of the properties of many fruits and vegetables is that they contain high levels of potassium any and / or magnesium, which studies have shown to lower blood pressure.

Vegetables that are rich in potassium are: –

Artichoke Broccoli Potato

Zucchini Carrot Cauliflower

legumes – chickpeas or lentils or pinto beans

Although vegetables contain high levels of magnesium include potatoes and vegetables.

A study conducted at Tulane University analyzed 25 clinical trials and showed a diet that was high in fiber and is rich in vegetables and fruits may have a positive effect on blood pressure reduction.

In fact, the evidence went to show that large amounts of fiber, can not only help lower blood pressure but can also help to improve the level of a person's blood pressure even when they are normal and healthy and again fruits and vegetables are high in fiber.

Although this article explored what vegetables help lower blood pressure, it is clear that only eat vegetables mentioned may mean an unbalanced diet. Make sure to include fresh fish and lean meat and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Discuss any dietary changes with your doctor.

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