Heart Attack Signs In Men

| May 28, 2015

Heart attack is a leading cause of death worldwide. It occurs when there is an interruption of blood supply to part of the heart that causes any heart cells to die. The interruption in blood supply is most commonly due to a blockage in the arteries of the heart either.

On the other hand, stroke occurs when there is a rapid loss of brain function due to any abnormalities in the blood supply to the brain. Heart attack and stroke can occur simultaneously and in such cases there is a possibility of death. Together, the two are among the world's top killer diseases, regardless of gender, age, race.

One very important thing that a woman should learn is that it is in danger of having a heart attack and stroke in the same way as men. This is widely considered to challenge notions that men are more susceptible to it. While the records will say that most of the victims of these killers are male, do not discount any possibility that women are sensitive and face the same risks.

Symptoms of heart attack and stroke in women

General, symptoms of heart attack and stroke are widely seen both men and women. However, there are symptoms that are most likely to be experienced by women than men. These symptoms are:

1) A recurring discomfort in the chest.
2) A feeling of discomfort or pain in the area between the shoulder blades.
3) A general feeling of weakness and fatigue.
4) A feeling of dizziness, nausea or vomiting.
5) gas pain as indigestion or stomach.
6) A sudden heart pounding or racing a snap.
7) seizure.
8) sudden hiccup.
9) Shortness of breath.
10) A loss of consciousness or fainting.

Would also good for a woman to do the following simple tests where she succumbed to heart attack or stroke:

1.Look face. When a woman tries to smile, not just some answer other side drops?
2.Look weapons. When a woman tries to raise both arms, right arm drift downward?
3.Notice speech. When a woman tries to speak a simple sentence, the words do not come out blurry or incorrect?

If the answers to those questions are yes, then it is a sign indicator may have experienced heart attack or stroke.

What to do with symptoms of heart attack and stroke

Once the signs of heart attack or stroke occurs, wasting no time hesitate or doubt. When such symptoms occur, the patient immediately rush to the hospital for immediate medical attention. There, doctors can easily administer any treatment for the patient. In any case, if the suspicion is wrong, at least the mistake of rushing to the hospital was the safest.

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