High blood pressure and Diet

| April 13, 2015

Statistics have extremely alarming results: About a quarter of the US adult population has high blood pressure and need immediate help to prevent the risk of renal failure, stroke or heart attack.

Against the risk of hypertension and complications derived from it, a healthy diet is one of the most powerful weapons for the attack is annihilated hypertension and blood pressure drops.

Recommended diet is based on increasing the amount of vegetables, fruits and foods without fat or low fat and low levels of salt, says the American Heart Association (AHA). This recommendation is first conducted by the AHA Nutrition Committee associating with vegetables and fruit low fat foods to reduce salt in the diet for hypertension.

Moreover, the importance of potassium, magnesium, calcium and low-fat foods in the diet outlined by the Committee, which also recommended to avoid consumption of sodium, cholesterol and fat products increases.

A diet based on these recommendations lowers blood pressure and neutralize the effect of blood pressure on other organs. May

Room should be in a hypertensive diet food, fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, electrolytes and minerals, says dr.Kotchen, who made the report. Potassium is another key element in controlling hypertension, which can be found in potassium, bananas, raisins and dates and it is proven by studies to lower blood pressure. Nutrition Committee

The finding indicates a 15% decrease in the risk of stroke and 6% of the attack, when diastolic blood pressure was reduced by 2 units.

Most important of the above recommendations, one that should be followed absolutely, is related to a decrease in the amount of salt in the diet hypertensive.

In addition, the weight should be kept strictly under control and avoided or reduced alcohol consumption dramatically, the Nutrition Committee recommends.

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