High blood pressure during a heart attack

| November 4, 2015

One in three US adults has. She has no symptoms, so you can have for years without knowing it.

While you were clueless that you have, it can damage vital organs inside your kidneys, heart, blood vessels and a lot more. What is it? It hypertension or HBP.

As we all know, the force of blood pushing against the walls of arteries as your heart pumps blood is called "blood pressure". If it rises and stays high over a period of time, it becomes a case of high blood pressure, which can damage your body in many ways.

There is what we call a number in blood pressure, "systolic" pressure or heart beat, and "diastolic" pressure between beats is, while the heart is at rest.

These numbers are written with the systolic diastolic above, together with the symbol mmHg who millimeters of mercury, used to measure the blood pressure of a person. Normal blood pressure is 120/80

. Any slightly higher than this and we have us a case of pre-hypertension, which means if you do not take preventive measures will most likely end up with high blood pressure.

What's even worse with high blood pressure, or hypertension, is that it can cause a number of life-long damage that can lead to a range of other diseases in the body.

These include: *

Heart failure. Hypertension may increase or weaken one of the most important organs in our body, heart. Heart failure is a condition in which your heart can not pump enough blood throughout the body.

* aneurysms. It is an abnormal bulging in the artery wall. (There may be formed in the blood vessels.) The main arteries that carry blood from the heart to the body, the arteries in the brain, legs and intestines, and the artery leading to the spleen are the most common places for aneurysms

* kidney failure. High blood pressure can narrow blood vessels in the kidney and frequently result in kidney failure.

* Heart Attack / Stroke / leg amputation. BPH can also reduce any arteries and thus limits blood flow in the heart, brain, kidneys and legs.

* Vision changes / blindness. High blood pressure can also cause blood vessels in the eye to bleed or burst, resulting from changes in vision or even blindness.

Good news is you can still prevent high blood pressure. If you have a normal blood pressure, there are any steps you can take to prevent:

* Follow a healthy diet. Limit salt intake and alcohol in your system.
* If you are overweight, lose.
* Exercise at least half an hour every day. * Stop smoking
* Learn to manage stress.

If you already have hypertension, there are still ways you can prevent lifelong problems that go with it simply by following a diet plan and a healthy lifestyle (like the above).

Also remember to follow strictly the treatment prescribed by your doctor to control blood pressure. It can help to prevent or delay tons of baggage that goes with it.

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