Homeopathic remedy for hypertension

| July 7, 2015

An increase in blood pressure can sometimes be very dangerous because it can cause heart and kidney problems and the possibility of having a stroke. Rest hypertension worrying and nervousness can increase temporarily high, but still is dangerous and should be kept an eye on. The best way to treat serious diseases is to follow the correct medicine that was prescribed by a doctor with experience.

Although some drugs can be used as a first aid in serious cases, however, care regimen should suddenly be asked. Homeopathic remedies are described below in blood pressure in some people who can provide help, and not as suggestions for self-medication. 1. Calcarea carb

For people with high blood pressure and have a low resistance or escape easily, this treatment is often useful. They are normally conscientious types who feel sick and horror overwhelmed when faced collapse. When climbing stairs or slopes and when lying down, breathing and palpitations become a problem. Sweet cravings and eggs are usually experienced person, and be inclined to weight problems. Nux vomica

2. Usually, the person who needs this remedy is impatient and easily angered and frustrated motivated. Problems can increase blood pressure due to a strong desire for sweets person, strong food, coffee, and alcohol. Often, there is hemorrhoids, constipation, palpitations, and chest constrictions. The person is also sensitive to noise, odors, light, and interference.


Sanguinaria This remedy if usually given to a person with blushed red cheeks, neck throbbing, and a sense of rush of blood to the head. Also, the person may experience headaches and headaches. Allergies, shoulder problems, right-sided neck, digestive problems, heartburn and are commonly seen, and burning pain are normal. Other signs of Sanguinaria include an inclination to feel sick from eating sweets and a desire for spicy food.


4. People who are sensitive, compassionate, and naive, with a tendency to dizziness, fear, and weakness usually need this kind of treatment. At times observed are nosebleeds, palpitations, flushed face and a feeling of chest pain. Other indications for Phosphorus include a strong desire for cold drinks and refreshing things, and the apparent development after sleep or eat. Plumbum

5. If the person shows degenerative nerve problems and clotting of arteries, this remedy is often given. When located on the left corner, weight and chest palpitations are often wrong. Also, problems may arise muscle paralysis, and contractures. A person may drink deep cover registration and "living large" that gets bored and saddened when appearing physical disability and memory problems.

Unlike prescription medications, use of homeopathic medicines can lower hypertension without a lot of side effects. However, those who think about using homeopathic remedies blood pressure should always consult their doctors first. This will prevent any complications to obtain as several techniques may be contraindicated with other drugs.

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