How Do You Get Diabetes Pregnancy

| December 13, 2015

Diabetes can be developed on time or during pregnancy in a woman previously whoever does follow diabetes. This is called gestational diabetes, which affects 2-3 percent of pregnant women. If not monitored properly, it can lead to complications for the mother or her baby. Pregnancy is the most special time in every woman's life. It is the time of joy and excitement good, but also during anxiety and different questions comes to mind, such as: How do you handle the task? Also the pain in labor and delivery? Will my baby be okay? These questions can be even more difficult for women with diabetes. Having children is a big decision for anyone of us. If you are a woman anyone with a history of diabetes, however, it is a decision that requires much more thought, precautions and careful planning. Many women have diabetes anyone where healthy children type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes have delivered.

What exactly is it?

Gestational Diabetes occurs when the pregnant woman's body is unable to produce enough insulin or create. This means that her body is unable to break down sugar it consumes and could not turn it into energy. Therefore, her blood sugar level rises higher and this will be passed on to the baby, which can cause serious problems.

Who may be affected?Pregnant women

Whoever is most likely to be affected will fit the criteria mentioned;

aged over 35
family history of diabetes
previously delivered large baby
previously given birth to a child and a malfunction or defect
suffered miscarriage in late pregnancySymptoms of gestational diabetes

One of the problems is that gestational diabetes is represented with clear symptoms. Typical symptoms are high blood sugar, thirst, frequent urination, hunger as sometimes occur, but these are typically the last stages of pregnancy.

Going for baby is a big decision for anyone. If you are a woman anyone with diabetes, however, is a decision that requires much more thought, precautions and planning. Many women have diabetes (type 1 anyone, type 2 and gestational diabetes) have healthy pregnancies and healthy children and fit. But this does not mean that they achieved good result very easily, it takes a lot of effort and dedication on your part.

Whether Am I at risk of developing gestational diabetes?

If you have one or more of the factors mentioned conditions you are more likely to develop gestational diabetes:

Perusing a family history of diabetes in a relative such as a parent, brother or sister.
If you had gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy.If
previous child had a birth defect or any malfunction.

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