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| August 8, 2015

Lust for daily caffeine fix? Well, if you have hypertension, think again before you help a cup of freshly brewed coffee. This article gives you four reasons caffeine and high blood pressure just will not mix:

1. It is a stimulant – long considered a mild stimulant, caffeine can increase blood pressure and this may be bad news for those who already suffering from the condition. Scientific studies have not yet been clarified how caffeine is become as one of the causes of high blood pressure – there are conflicting studies on this. Some studies show higher blood pressure for those who regularly take caffeine while others indicate development of tolerance among those who regularly take caffeine fix. There is however a consensus on the dilutive effect of taking caffeine (coffee) with sugar, cream and other food.

2. Caffeine can raise blood pressure levels rapidly – Studies show an immediate increase in blood pressure after caffeine administration. This effect is temporary, especially among those who have a regular intake of caffeine. Doctors believe that the increase in blood pressure is related to caffeine's ability to block adenosine hormone widening the artery. Constricted arteries leads to an increase in blood pressure. Another theory is that caffeine communicated cortisol and adrenaline, which can also increase blood pressure. It is important to note that studies have yet to discover the long-term effect of caffeine on blood pressure levels to someone.


Do more susceptible to Artherosclerosis – American Society of Hypertension conducted a study in 2002 that found the relationship between caffeine and hardening of the arteries. The study confirmed that those with high blood pressure and have a regular intake of caffeine are more likely to Artherosclerosis. What is noteworthy is that the study also said it is too early to make any firm conclusions on this subject.

4. Caffeine can cause chronic heart disease – blood pressure is closely related to chronic heart disease. Higher blood pressure is more likely to develop heart problems. In fact, drinking more than four cups of coffee can raise your chances of developing heart disease yours.

Although caffeine was blamed as one of the culprits behind high blood pressure almost 80% of people worldwide take each day in various forms. It may be difficult to avoid caffeine because it is present in common beverages such as chocolate drinks, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Here is a quick guide to different foods you could find and the amount of caffeine contained:

* 8 oz -135 mg brewed coffee, black tea * Simple to 70 mg * 12-ounce Pepsi – 37.5 mg, * a bottle of Red Bull – 80 mg, 1.45 oz * Chocolate – 27 mg, * Midol (for menstrual pain) 60 mg * relievers – 60mg. Doctors have advised

Even those who do not suffer from high blood pressure to limit their caffeine intake to about two 12-ounce cups of coffee. But you should also watch other beverages containing caffeine such as tea or soft drinks as they may increase the amount of caffeine taken on a daily basis.

Possible, try to minimize, if not totally avoid intake of caffeine, especially if you already have hypertension. In this way, you avoid any further increase in blood pressure.

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