How to tell if you have high blood pressure

| September 5, 2015

If you go once to the doctor and discovered that you have high blood pressure, or have names in science "Hypertension" and this conditions keep with you for a long time, so it must reduce Once blood pressure becouse it may lead to heart attack or stroking. And at ways to reduce your blood pressure will need to do some exercises. Most of studies ths days

Found that most aerobic related excerises large muscles in use for long period like "workouts brisk wallking" is good way to lower blood pressure BT take it more a fact the "National Institutes of Health conference" results, they found that exercise reduces blood pressure erobic rest in people who have high blood pressure by about 11 points and 9 points above number and bottom number. That, for sure enough to reduce blood pressure to normal.

Each has its specific needs how big is your blood pressure, so before doing any exercise, you should discuss with your doctor may need to provide the program with so changes or add some type of medication.

Some thing to care about that any exercise begaining lead to divert more blood to muscles and couse highering blood pressure, but this is temporary so do not be afraid, and people who have blood pressure very great doctor there may give them some medication before exercise for that.

So, you know, might ask us to make the best exercise to reduce blood pressure? Let me tell you then.

Certainly most can help you find the best type of exercise is the doctor know what exactly your case, but two of physicians thoughts differant that walking is good for all cases all studies shell show that walking is effective in lowering blood pressure than any other type of aerobic exercises hard, but recommend taking a step dont begain with distance, it begain with less and increase it from time time and make everyday can also try jogging, stationary or outdoor cycling, swimming, rowing, using a stair-stepper, or low-impact aerobics with, any of them can work, but you chose that because of fitness level.

You can also chose to do exercises for the upper body, certainly OK to, you can use in lowering blood pressure, but take care that all exercises can hardly lead to highering blood pressure at dangrous as lifting weights.

Ultimately what I need to say that after a particular type of exercise according to your interest, you and your doctor must organize exercise programs and programs to be effective and safe. In most of you will feel healthy and good form during exercise which take months to reduce blood pressure you want.

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