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| October 28, 2015

Before considering any effective solutions for high blood pressure, we must first look at any of the possible causes of this problem. According to modern medicine any of the root causes of hypertension are: 1.

Kidney malfunction can disrupt the proper balance in different ways in the body of water. Kidneys causes electrolyte balance in body fluids and thus will affect how much water will be retained in the organism and how much will be expelled from the body. If the kidneys have heredity weaknesses, or tired, or imbalanced because of life factors, and too much fluid can accumulate in the body increased blood pressure. One factor may be inefficient salt excretion. On the other hand, the kidneys may simply be very tired and overworked due to a highly toxic diet with large overdose of sodium. A direct relationship between eating high sodium and hypertension was established. It seems also
that the kidney is responsible for the production of various chemicals, which in a certain way to control blood pressure and blood artery walls and veins in the circulatory system. Kidney which works well is essential for proper blood pressure control.

2. Malfunctioning adrenal glands may also cause disturbances in blood pressure main. Hypothalamus and pituitary gland disorders may affect the adrenal glands in a negative way, creating high or low blood pressure. In general, any malfunction of the endocrine system can lead to blood pressure problems. It is also likely that this disagreement can be endocrine system, in turn the result of emotional or mental stress or unhealthy living habits.

3. The nervous system can give messages of contraction of arteries and veins that causes increased pressure circulatory system volume is reduced. The reasons for the nervous system can do this may be different in each person, but in most cases they are psychosomatic.


Our diet affects our blood pressure. It is reasonable to believe that the substances in the blood is made to affect the amount of liquid held in the blood and blood vessel wall tension. This is especially true in cases where toxic products tend to accumulate on the walls of blood vessels, destroying the smooth and reduce the opening and, therefore, the volume of the vessels. The pressure in the vessels increases.


Our environment creates various stress conditions that can force our bodies to react with an increase in blood pressure. The pressures we feel at work, at home, in the company are transferred via the endocrine and nervous system in a tension and pressure in our body.

6. The way we react to LIFE will play perhaps the most important part of all. A person who feels safe, relaxed and confident in front of responsibilities and stressful situations will have to be able to maintain normal health status, independent of external pressures. It has been shown in thousands of cases of people who had high blood pressure, which, when they learned how to relax have been able to keep the problem under control often without medical drug.

7. There are other reasons, which we have not mentioned here. SOME NATURAL SOLUTIONS

Now examine any possible measures we can take to overcome the problem of hypertension. Those with serious health problems would do well to consult their doctors before employing any of the following.

1. Blood Purification. If the high blood pressure problem seems to be accentuated by a toxic condition and blood flow in the body, then we can improve the situation by cleaning the inside of the body. This interior cleaning can be done as follows:

It. Avoid salt, animal protein, animal fats, cheese, butter and all canned vegetables or any substances that are added as preservatives sodium salts or taste.
b. Avoid all stimulants such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, salt, mustard, white and black pepper, ginger, and other spices cardamom.
c. Eat plenty of high potassium foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and beans. Especially with green leaves. Vegetables
d. Occasional juice and vegetable soup posts under the guidance of a physician will help to change the blood chemistry; detoxify the kidneys, blood vessels and other organs and restore a natural healthy body.
e. Using garlic and onions can tend to open and clean the arteries. One can take in fresh form or in capsules. Some naturopaths also suggest lecithin and vitamin C to help to restore healthy blood vessels.
f. Eating watermelon just for a week in summer, when it is in season can help purify and rejuvenate kidneys.

2. Restoring the proper functioning of the kidneys and adrenal glands.
can stimulate the kidneys and adrenal smoother functioning in any of the following ways: A
. More exercise which strengthens these organs. They can be learned from a trained yoga teacher.
b. Through Reflexology Massage on the kidneys and adrenal glands corresponding points on the foot, we can effectively rejuvenate and harmonize these glands.

3. Regular relaxation of the nervous system through several techniques.
We can relax and strengthen the nervous system so it is more resistant to stress and effort in life everyday in the following ways:
a. Techniques of deep relaxation in which we can learn to relax consciously muscles and nerves and Thus, the walls of blood vessels. While in this deeply relaxed state, we can imagine light and healing energy flowing through the heart, adrenal glands, kidneys and head area.
b. Exercises and breathing techniques can be used regularly to release muscle tension and emotional body and mind.
c. Certain phonetic vibrations such as MMMM OOOO and have a calming and balancing the body and mind.
d. Meditation regularly proved to be extremely effective in overcoming blood pressure. Details
above techniques can be learned from competent yoga teachers.


Change of attitude towards life
our attitude towards life; Our equipment, aversions, fears and ways of reacting to life can create large unnecessary tension in our lives. If the cause of the blood pressure is psychosomatic, it must be necessary to analyze and overcome these emotional factors that contribute to the problem. Otherwise, total control of the situation will be impossible, even if we use other methods aimed physically perfect.

We can begin to analyze the factors in our lives that cause us to react with stress or worry and gradually become freer to these modes of reaction. It would do well to approach life in a more relaxed way, with confidence and peace of mind. We can work gradually toward this mood by working with different systems of self-analysis and self-transformation, which are available today.

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