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| September 11, 2015

Stroke, heart attack and kidney failure – these are just three of the possible consequences of hypertension, if left untreated. It is a disease that severely damages more than one internal organ. This is why high blood pressure should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible after its occurrence. Previously it discovers to be the most effective treatment. The first step is to change a bad or unhealthy lifestyle, in order to rapidly reduce blood pressure. This change should be as soon as possible by every hypertensive person, also because medicines proved only efficiency, not rapidity.

Success of treatment in most cases is largely due to the fact that public opinion was very well informed on this issue and the probable risks of the disease. More and more screening programs that identify hypertension from an early stage are marketed and publicity around them was huge. This is an extremely good thing because almost every condition that accompanies or follows hypertension occurs much later than its first signs.

Blood pressure readings should be recorded so that prompt treatment may be provided.

Rapid intervention in case of hypertension requires a record of blood pressure readings, in case one reading indicated more than 140/90 mmHg, a rapid decrease involves a change in lifestyle of the person, but, also adequate medication. The border-diastolic pressure of 90 mm Hg, but people whose regular diastolic pressure of 85 mmHg requiring increased aggressiveness of the therapy to achieve a lowering of the pressure quickly. Sometimes when you get to the border, an end-organ is damaged, which that, doubled by systolic hypertension, often produces or increases the risk of cardiovascular problems. Most at risk are hypertensives at or after age 65, especially those who smoke and have hyperlipimia or diabetes. Except for alpha-blockers, any of the categories of medicines can be a start to reduce blood pressure properly. Alpha-blockers are not recommended because they are usually administered in combination and only in prompt situations. Anti-hypertensive drugs have prompt reaction, disregard less of the stage of hypertension; if the hypertensive person has also another disease, a combination of medication is the best treatment scheme, in order to deal with high blood pressure and simultaneously control or cure other diseases.

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