Low salt diet for hypertension

| June 9, 2015

Poor diet, lack of exercise, weight and workout any simple activities such as public speaking can jump in blood pressure. Cause for concern arises if it goes up and stays up. It is one of the most important indicator or cardiovascular problems after the age of 65 years and, therefore, it is necessary to be treated. So if you suffer from hypertension, it is vital that you should be under constant medical supervision. But no need to worry. You can take care of this problem without using drugs through simple diet and lifestyle changes. Go for regular exercise, quit smoking, manage stress and change your diet to reduce alcohol, fat and salt intake.

You can also follow the following home remedies to treat blood pressure problems: Eat celery

: For centuries, people have used celery and oil to cure high blood pressure. It contains a compound that lowers blood pressure by relaxing the muscles lining the arteries. This allows muscles to dilate regulates blood pressure. Just by eating 4 celery stalks one day, you can enjoy the powerful benefits of this vegetable. Eat garlic
: You can slightly lower blood pressure by eating just a clove of garlic per day. You can eat dog either raw or capsule form. Besides it also helps to lower cholesterol and triglycerides. Talk slowly
has been shown that talking loudly and rapidly raise blood pressure during normal conversation. But if you do this during talks with fury when the best emotional pressure can shoot up still higher. The spikes in blood pressure, if chronic, puts you at risk of coronary heart disease. However, speaking softly and slowly, even when they are angry will eliminate stress on the cardiovascular system.
Tell the truth always tell the truth. Lying has been shown to spike blood pressure, because it takes a lot of effort brain to lie. More minds, the more they stressed and shoots higher your blood pressure. Go for aerobic exercise
not isometric: Although exercise has been shown to reduce blood pressure, it is important for you to choose the right one. In isometric exercises where clench and hold that weight training should be avoided. This is because when you hold your breath while lifting will cause blood pressure to go up temporarily. Choose aerobic exercises instead of isometric exercises.
Laughter is the best medicine: To relax completely, choose laugh. When you laugh, adrenaline and cortisol levels go down, as they are the main compounds that have an adverse effect on blood pressure. It's the cheapest therapy that has benefited greatly each, but the more people anyone be upset, frustrated or unhappy.

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