Lower Back Pain Treatments

| November 17, 2015

Lower back pain is usually caused by straining ligaments, tendons or muscles in the lower back. This is usually due to lifting a heavy object or other heavy activity that your body is probably not used to.

In this article we try to give you some tips how to prevent back injuries. Do not let yourself become one of the millions who suffer this form.

1. Be careful when lifting heavy objects this should be No. 1 on your list to prevent lower back pain. Do not bend an object when you try to lift it, instead bend your knees and try to lift with your legs instead of your back.

Legs are one of the strongest muscles in the human body and will have much easier job doing it. Keep back straight and hold the object as close to you as you can not twist while lifting. Twisting is the # 1 cause of slipped discs.

2. Press push instead of pull is much less stressful to your body when pulling it.

3. Avoid standing up

More routine household activities can cause back plate back and lower back pain. Place one foot on a small stool taller than a chair or a box while doing jobs around the house like ironing or washing dishes. Move

Entire body, using feet instead of arms and push rather then pull during vacuuming.

4. Exercise – sedentary life is a great contribution to lower back problems. Regular exercise will be a major benefit to the rear.

Try to January 1 -3 sets of stretching exercise to improve flexibility and strengthen muscles that support the lower back.

Abdominal muscles are one of the most important muscles that support your lower back. Try to include exercises such as bridges and sit ups (be careful not to push the neck, keep your hands crossed on his chest) routine.

5. Lose weight – obesity is a very typical cause behind back pain. Do aerobic exercise, go jogging, swimming, cycling or walking, do just about anything else other then sitting in front of a television.

Just make sure to warm up with stretches before starting any exercise.

6. Eat healthy diet

A healthy diet and exercise is essential to weight management. Make sure to include plenty of foods containing vitamin D and calcium in your diet as these nutrients are responsible for strong bones and healthy. They also help prevent osteoporosis.

7. Do not sit for long and if you have a sedentary job get up and move around for about 5 minutes every hour or so. And if you are a professional driver be sure to stop regularly to get the vehicle to move around.

Stretch the muscles you will improve blood flow in the lower back and prevent back pain and have the added benefit of keeping you vigilant during the rest of the unit.

8. Change your sleeping position

Two best sleeping position to prevent back pain are either lying back (to place a pillow under the knees) or to lie on your side with your legs bent.

Firm mattress is the softest, much better then, to harden mattress put a piece of wood between the box spring and mattress.

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