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| August 16, 2015

There are many factors that can contribute to a person being at risk of developing high blood pressure, and explore any of them in this article. But there is a link between high blood pressure and anxiety?

Are considered to be two types of hypertension, they are essential "or secondary". Essential hypertension is said to occur when there is no known medical reason for the problem, while secondary hypertension is a result of another disease or condition. Often

Diagnosis of hypertension will initially search for any medical conditions that may be causing the problem; if not found, then it is usually considered as essential hypertension and treated accordingly. Over 90% of those who are diagnosed with hypertension are considered to have essential hypertension. According to the authors of a recent

Author hypertension and Health Policy, hypertension increased to almost epidemic proportions, They blame this our way of life Westernized diets high in fat, lack of exercise and long and stressful working hours.

Blood pressure is known as the "silent killer" because there are often no symptoms presented, making it hard for a person on the spot. However

Were no studies conducted in recent years have begun to show that people suffering from anxiety are likely to suffer from hypertension. These studies have shown that this is particularly likely to happen in women more than in men.

Although not considered that anxiety actually causes a person to suffer constantly with high blood pressure, it seems to cause temporary spikes those suffering with high blood pressure. If these spikes happen frequently then they can actually begin to damage a person's blood vessels and heart and kidneys in much the same way that a person suffering from persistent hypertension.

It is not clear why depression and anxiety can raise blood pressure, but may be related to how the nervous system behaves in those with anxiety and depression.

Other studies have shown that people with anxiety showed exaggerated responses of the nervous system when facing day to day activity and nervous system controls many of the functions in the body that are not aware of.

There is convincing evidence that there is a link between hypertension and anxiety, and most doctors will look for their patients to make lifestyle changes along with taking medication and changing their diet to alleviate high blood pressure.

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Link between hypertension and anxiety or stress can often be witnessed in small part, when someone has their blood pressure taken in a clinic. They can often fall foul of lab coat "or white coat" hypertension, which is basically a stress response to having blood pressure taken in a clinical environment.

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