Medication Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

| June 29, 2015

Like diabetes who must keep watch to the level of blood sugar to food intake and insulin, as suffering from bipolar disorder must walk a fine line. The use of bipolar medication to bring this condition in check was found in miracles, but right balance is not as easy as it might sound. There is no single panacea

When it comes to bipolar medication. In reality, sufferers often find with a lifelong sentence to require several different medications. Drugs used to treat mania effectively, for example, are very different from those used for depression. It may also be necessary to have a drug that works to reduce symptoms so mixed. The trick is to find the correct and proper dosages to keep both sides of bipolar spectrum in control.

Types of bipolar medications a patient might find themselves taking will vary. There are all general types of requirements that are common to the treatment of this disease, however. These include:

Maintenance, mood stabilizers: These medications are used to treat both mania and depression. They are often taken during periods of "normal" to help prevent working episodes. This type of medicine is likely treated, but in general, not only prescribed. Anticonvulsant

: This type of bipolar medication is often given to help control the symptoms of manic phases. They are often used in general maintenance and to prevent episodes of place.

Antipsychotics: This type of medicine is used to treat extreme mania. When a patient is delirious or hallucinating, they can be extremely useful.

Antidepressants: This is one of the most common medications used as a bipolar medication. These drugs are often given along with mood stabilizers to ensure that they do not trigger a manic phase. These drugs may be beneficial, however, for treating the most severe symptoms of depression.

Anti-anxiety: This class of bipolar medication can help provide immediate help of mania and stress symptoms. They are even known to work quite well in alleviating the symptoms of insomnia. This type of drug is generally given only in emergency situations and for a short duration.

What type of bipolar medication a person will be prescribed will depend on the case and physician preferences. The idea behind this product is to help the body find a natural balance and help to prevent future episodes of mania or depression, either from happening.

Patients who are given the right balance of medications often can live relatively symptom free. It might take time to find the right combination of drugs, however, and it is possible occasional symptomatic drugs might also need to be added to the mixture.

Most bipolar medications take several weeks to have its full impact. It is very important for patients to follow their instructions and report any unusual or bothersome side effect to their doctors immediately. When a drug is not desirable, there are other options that can be tried.

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