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| November 1, 2015

Panic Attack or Heart Attack? This is a very common question, because the symptoms are similar. They are not the same, but similar. Many people who have a panic attack for the first time think they are having a heart attack. Advance, I just want to say that people do not die from panic attacks.

One of the most well-known and important points in determining a heart attack is a shooting pain in his left arm. This happens especially before cardiac arrest. And of course, you experience chest pain, which can be anywhere from very mild to excruciating. Panic attacks are mostly accompanied by work, irregular breathing, abnormally fast heartbeat, sweating, trembling. You should not really experience any pain to the left arm. Panic attacks are often brought on by stress

Extraordinary, sudden waves of heavy emotion, such as fear or sadness, and just general nervousness. They can occur anywhere at any time, whether you feel stressed at this time or not. Some situations where you might have a panic attack include getting lost while driving, being in an area of overwhelming, very populated, worry a test studying too much, etc

General, panic attacks and heart attacks are often confused because of the similarity of symptoms, but depending on your age and health, it is mostly only one or the other.

Remember that panic attacks often come with hyperventilation, overwhelming emotion, sweat, trembling, very fast and irregular heartbeat, and are mostly related to stress-inducing events … Heart attacks and feelings of confusion disorientation, shooting pain in the left arm, and chest pain. Your heart is strained; It is being thrown into a physical fight or flight response. Also, your heart is not causing panic attack – your mind is.

You will not die from a panic attack, but simply because they will not die from a panic attack does not mean that we should just live with debilitating anxiety creates. There is help for you.

Proper use of techniques and exercises, you can learn to control and even completely eliminate panic attacks.

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