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| August 20, 2015

It is very easy to come from you surgeons (or Healthcare Practitioners Surgery) after being diagnosed with hypertension and concede defeat in its entirety.

Is the easiest option to take, to just sit back and say to them, well, you have to be reconciled with pills then "but why should you when with a little effort, you can control this condition you have?

This is probably the hardest of the options placed before you, but not the final result worth it?

It all really comes down to how much you need it?

If blood pressure It is largely determined to be slightly over weight then there is the bonus of not only looking and feeling better when you lose pounds, but I actually feel better from the inside out as well?

Believe me feel good and feel great afterwards.

An important thing that we must try to understand from the start is what are the main contributing factors that led to hypertension in the first place? This may not always be entirely possible to find and could be really almost impossible to get by without some form of medication for the rest of your life, but it is a goal that is well worth aiming for.

In my case, when I was diagnosed with hypertension my blood pressure reading was originally 216 160. A little on the high side I must admit and looking back on it, it says how high my blood pressure was at the time made me feel slightly intimidated if not a bit worried.

Trying not to sound too superficial about this whole episode because the reading was extremely high and was (as I learned later), extremely dangerous, but I think it was my ignorance of the whole condition that initially we got through that several special days. Concentrated and applied

Bed rest, plus the blood pressure medication reduced to manageable proportions and then I was able to start to plan my way forward from there. Initially the medication was a mixture of amlodipine, bendroflumethiazide to act as a mild diuretic to make sure that water retention was not a major issue and additional cause blood pressure. Finally

After a few months they prescribed a small amount of one of the newest wonder drug medical fraternity is going about one of statins. In my case Pravastatin.

I was diagnosed with HBP in June 2001 and since then my BP levels have been over 130/140 over 80/87. I am 48 and so quite frankly these levels would be right on the button if I can keep maintaining them.

However, in the last two years, the levels were constant and my last reading was 120 over 80 and I am currently in consultation with my doctor experhymenting reducing medications.

Since this first part of the article, we managed to reduce the amlodipine and I am just taking Bendro "plus statin. I must say that increased exercise and a slight change of diet have helped. In the second part of this article I go into more detail about how we managed to bring about and also plans for the future.

So to recap. You can reduce your blood pressure naturally, but in most cases with medication and can do something positive about keeping it down, too.

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