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| June 17, 2015

Did they say that 75-90 percent of pregnant women develop stretch marks all when pregnant?

Addition to all the other factors that pregnant women may have to look forward to – like weight gain, fatigue, morning sickness, back pain and got all night to go to the toilet – stretch marks are a very real possibility for all pregnant women.

They can appear on the breasts, abdomen, arms and legs and are most likely to appear during the sixth or seven month pregnancy. Whether they are likely to get stretch marks during and after pregnancy depends on the weight gain, your genes, homes and what you have done to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Are many things you can do – including home remedies for stretch mark prevention – to reduce the chance of getting them pregnant.

Here are some simple ways to prevent them during pregnancy: 1. Drink plenty of water during pregnancy

. Although this may disadvantage meaning that are constantly on the toilet, by keeping your body hydrated are also keeping your skin hydrated.

2. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy oils and low fat foods. Vitamins that are particularly great contributors to skin quality as vitamins C, E, A and zinc – though foods rich in Vitamin A are best avoided during pregnancy.

3. Try not to gain too much weight during pregnancy. If you weigh more stable your skin will stretch slowly and naturally thus reducing the chances of having stretch marks.

4. Increase circulation in areas prone to stretch marks – abdomen, arms, legs, breasts for example – by using a brush body or wash cloth to gently massage those areas.

5. Make sure your diet is balanced and nutritional. If you think your diet could be improved then be sure to take vitamins which are critical for the general welfare and child, but also the skin, hair and teeth.

6. Make sure your skin is moisturized throughout your pregnancy but also after childbirth to return to pre-pregnancy weight. There are many stretch mark creams and oils that can help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Vitamin E oil is a very popular massage oil during pregnancy. These stretch marks creams and oils have been specifically designed to keep your skin taut and firm during pregnancy.

7. Check with your doctor to see if you can do some mild exercises during pregnancy. Keeping your body in ship-shape and toned condition is a great way to make the most of what the body has to offer, also for your skin. Make sure you include enough portions of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in your diet to feel and look better and to reduce the possibility of getting stretch marks during pregnancy.

8. Avoid stress as much as possible during pregnancy. Making sure you have time to relax and reduce stress levels will result in less stress on the skin. Most of the above can contribute to your health, well-being but also the condition of your body and skin and ultimately reduce the chances of getting them during pregnancy.

However, stretch mark prevention does not stop after you have given birth. You are also prone to stretch marks following dramatic weight loss so it is important to keep all these lifestyle above in mind after the birth of your child too. Following these tips

Simple life style to prevent them during pregnancy and changes will greatly reduce them first.

However, you should remember, however, that stretch marks are not alone and that there are many stretch mark treatments and home remedies to help reduce their appearance. Stretch marks are

A very low price to buy the blessing of giving birth to a beautiful baby.

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