Recovering from a heart attack

| April 3, 2015

Heart attacks are a major cause of death and disability. Most people assume that the onset of a heart attack is accompanied by a series of symptoms such as chest pain and pain in the right arm or fainting. For silent heart attack victim this is not always the case. Stroke along with minor symptoms can come and be as deadly as any other attack. A heat stroke occurs when blood flow to the heart muscle itself is blocked and causes a part of the heart to die. This in turn causes the heart to malfunction.

Recovering from a heart attack is conditioned by the rapidity of response to symptoms. Delay can be fatal if the heart attack. Despite the fact that a silent heart attack ignites without extreme symptoms a person generally expected for a heart attack, immediate treatment is often delayed until it is too late. Silent heart attack symptoms can be as follows. Pain in the arms, chest and jaw, which seem to be better if you rest. Being short of breath and tired easily. Chest pain is a major red flag for an oncoming heart attack is not always present during a silent heart attack.

Treatment quickly is key to surviving a heart attack. Because silent heart attack symptoms can feel relief with a little rest, sometimes may delay treatment, which in turn can be devastating. Jaw pain a heart attack can sometimes mistaken for a toothache and arm pain may be misinterpreted by a pulled muscle. Chest pain can be attributed to an ulcer, heart burn gas or severe pain. This has caused people to stay home and misdiagnose themselves and die of a heart attack or treatable. Determining whether you are at risk for a heart attack is silent preventive step you can take.

Those especially at risk for silent heart attack are people who have had a previous heart attack. Also at risk are diabetics and those aged sixty-five and older people prone to strokes. Some medications can carry with them a risk of making a person more at risk for a heart attack silent. Always ask your doctor to explain in detail all the side effects of any medication you are prescribed. Smoking and alcohol consumption can also increase the risk of heart attack that can be over weight. It is important to bear in mind that anyone can take steps to minimize their risk of having a heart attack silent. Exercise May and talk to your doctor can only help reduce chances.

If you take stock of risk factors and determined that they are at risk for a heart attack silent then an action plan should be the case that you are not ever a silent heart attack. Never let doubt come into play in such a serious situation. This is a common problem. People have actually delayed seeking treatment for a heart attack because they were worried about medical bills results. What good is money if you died? People have gone to chiropractors and dentists to find relief from the symptoms of a silent heart attack. Make plans before symptoms appear when you can think clearly and with a cool head.

Dilip Kumar was admitted to Lilavati hospital in suburban Bandra on Sunday after suffering a heart attack. He is still in ICU. Saira Banu's his wife. . .

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