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| October 1, 2015

My father dealt with the problem of high blood pressure in a natural way recently, without any medical treatment. Want to know how ????? Then read on ……

More will not believe, but true. Doctors say high blood pressure can not be treated 100% and the patient must take pills to control over his / her life. But the fact is it can be treated 100% and that too without any medication. Do not believe it? .. I really did not a few years ago, but now my opinion has changed. Let me tell you about a natural remedy for high blood pressure.

In winter 2004, a saint who claimed to be a yoga expert and Pranayam, had a camp nearby our house. There was a lot of talk about him like he was preaching yoga and Pranayam (breathing techniques set) to help people get rid of their diseases. Let me clarify here, I am a guy with high tech knowledge and modern views and do not believe in these saints and such things. Anyway we went to camp, to lets see what they have in offer.

How to treat high blood pressure without medication:
My father, 63 year old, followed some pranayam techniques and believe me perfectly normal blood pressure was 120/80 after a few weeks when he got it checked. Blood pressure was 170/100 and above simply doctor was shocked. A blood pressure rechecked while could not believe what he saw. Blood pressure turning perfectly normal for a person's 60's. It was incredible, but true. I'm not here to create any controvery, they just write what happened. I am not a disciple of a saint, but this happened to my father really had me build respect for the saint and on Pranayam. I hope that can help light people about this and if they can benefit from this will shower blessings for me and God some may be a little bit better, therefore, to me 🙂

Doctor asked my father for stop all blood pressure medication and showed no symptoms of high blood pressure then. I would like all people anyone undergoing treatment for hypertension Pranayam try this and see the change for yourself. After all, it does not cost a penny and has no side effects if done correctly.

Since my father recovered, we all in the family were regularly practicing Pranayam. Not because we are suffering from diseases but because prevention is better then cure. There are 6-7 pranayam techniques, which if practiced regularly, can benefit in curing almost all sorts of diseases, even those who have not responded in the medical world. Even people suffering from cancer is said to have cured completely through these techniques. It can also help in prolonging youth and thus may not need these anti-aging pills if you do this. 🙂 For more details SE
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