Signs and symptoms of hypertension

| September 26, 2015

In the overall scheme of things that you have to put you are given a diagnosis of hypertension in perspective. On the scale of being told that I have terminal illnesses and potentially fatal blood pressure should be viewed correctly. Now

However by saying I do not want to be accused of trying to minimize the potential risks and damage that may be caused by ignoring the signs and symptoms of hypertension. Far from it, I suffer from hypertension and therefore I know more than most disadvantage of being told you have this condition, it's just that having or being told you have high blood pressure (hypertension or HBP) It should not be taken as a death sentence "it once was.

Can do a lot to face the situation and to be brutally blunt generally how they react and deal with the diagnosis and how you move forward is general down to your control. There are positive steps you can take and you can struggle to control back in your life pretty easy.

Can view slightly brutal my point comes from having a friend who has just been informed that the breast cancer she thought she was in remission just returned and spread. This dear friends and readers is serious, a site damn much worse than they say you're a few pounds more weight and, Therefore blood pressure is up.

Now before I find my inbox flooded with e-mail correspondence from readers irritated all accuse me of a cross between cruelty and gallows humor me repeat my earlier statement.

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, I know what it's like, I know what it is like when you forget to take medication – my wife loves this special. I used to forget most of all now and then take calcium channel blockers, which I was prescribed initially and boy you could tell after about 6 hours or so. By that time I had the heads ripping the stage Babies "but also taught me a few things as well.

Dealing withy blood pressure is also about making lifestyle changes also . It's about more than just remembering to take your tablets at the same time most of the day, it's about making a full assessment re absolutely everything you do and try to dig deep and find the cause ( and, in most cases this can be found) problems.

In my case was taking between four to five flights a week and commute long distances, which resulted in a constant rush to beat traffic or road, rail or the airport. Truly a mugs game. Next time someone tries to sell you on the idea of a life of constant travel, moving and always being there only two days just advise them to ;. Keep moving along them and their ways and offer the most generous elsewhere

There are some things in life that Money really can not buy good health and always is one of them.

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