Spinal cord injury

| November 30, 2015

The spine is a dynamic organ comprising twenty-four individual bones. The structure is vital to support and allow movement of the human body. Bone structure is enclosed in a cable as a telephone cord to allow relay signals from the brain down to the feet. Damage to any of these structures can be life changing, so therefore essential to give an accurate and precise treatment.

Spinal injuries occur mostly when there is a direct impact on the spine or if there is an indirect injury such as a fall. Like any animal bone can fracture, and in all cases move from their original position. Ligaments keeping the vertebrae in position may also become stretched causing displacement, which is notoriously painful and difficult to treat. In cases, when a person dives into shallow individual vertebrae can compress into one and other, which unfortunately causes many cases of paralysis.

Not always effective breaking a vertebrae causing injuries that supports life. Although incredibly serious and debilitating it is possible to recover from a spinal fracture in much the same way as you would, for example, a broken leg. Through a process of immobilization structure can heal and recuperate enough to support the body. It is nevertheless causing vertebral motion that causes the most problems. Movement can cut through bone spinal cord protected, which has the effect of brain signal chain to break free. Dealing with spinal injuries

Is very specific and requires gives first aid to keep calm and think on their feet. If you are first on the scene most important action to take is to evaluate the situation. This sometimes requires a good few seconds to think things through in your head rather than rush in and make a mistake. The area should be removed from danger without moving accident. However this may involve stopping traffic, but long-term health accident is more important than a commuter route to and from work. Next

Is important to apply the principles of first aid in order to help the victim. The most important principle is to keep the victim fully yet in the position you find them. If their spine is fractured then any move could reduce cable. While assisting with a spectator this can be put to use to call emergency services on condition that they have an accident with spinal injuries. It is important to wait until the arrival of paramedics accident, ensuring that they do not move at all. During this period intervene losses breathing can check regularly for 10 seconds at a time. If normal breathing stops cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is essential until the arrival of paramedics.

Only situation in which someone is required to move if their life is in danger. In this situation, it is possible to move an accident without changing the position of the spine or a last consequence move them in any way possible. If you were a first aid course or similar may know extensive training log roll technique. This allows a crash to be run on a spinal board or something similar without actually move the spine. The benefits are that the victim can then be transported safely away safe in the knowledge that the spinal cord is not in danger. In many cases may not even be time for this and a person must be moved quickly, regardless of any other damage. There should be no hesitation if a life can be saved.

Adrealine can also play havoc on a victim of a spinal injury. Sometimes having large amounts of this hormone can cause body passing through someone with a fractured spine to stand up and continue walking. Remember this process at any time can cause severe bone fragment in the spinal cord. It is essential that if you are ever first on the scene at an accident with spinal injuries which keep them in exactly the same place where they were found. Only by doing so lives can be saved, and that victims of future mobility could be preserved.

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