Spinal cord injury and Stem Cells

| September 14, 2015

The blood remaining in the cable was essentially thrown away at birth. Recent research has shown that cord blood is rich in stem cells. The cell that is found in all multi-cellular organisms is called stem cells. These are two types of stem cells are embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Specialty stem cells is that white blood cells renew. It shall be renewed because it has the ability to undergo numerous cycles of cell division. When you go through the process of cell division remains undifferentiated state. Stem cells give rise to different cell type. It is therefore advisable to store cord blood for future use. Like bone marrow cord blood it is also a vital source of stem cells. The cord blood stem cells can be used for various diseases. Stem cells are the main cells of the body. These cells are referred to as basic as it acts as cornerstones of the body. Cord Blood Stem Cells helps tissues, the blood, immune system and more. Stem cells from bone marrow earlier were used for cancer treatment. In recent years, Cord Blood Stem Cells has proved fatal in treating millions of lives.

Cord Blood Stem Cell Collection is simple, safe and painless. The same risk is also less. In ten minutes after birth, cord blood is collected. Once the blood is collected, it is tested. After the test prove that everything is okay, more chemicals are used to preserve blood. The temperature is kept cord blood is very important. Cord blood can be used for the donor or the donor's relatives. In this case, blood is kept in a private bank. If someone wants to donate cord blood, then blood is preserved in the public bank. Cord Blood Stem cells This can save lives affected by Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, cancer, spinal cord injury, diabetes and more. Stem Cell Cord Blood has the ability to repair and replace damaged tissues, including vascular endothelial cells that form the inner lining of blood vessels. There are three types of stem cells; They are hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial stem cells. The main area in which stem cells help mankind is its power to renew blood cells. Fatal diseases, such as bone marrow where blood cells ability to regenerate lost, there stem cells play a crucial role. Blood contains high percentage of stem cells is rich in white blood cells and thus helps in bone marrow transplantation.

Few groups have raised ethical controversies use Cord Blood Stem Cell. The controversy is because it involves the destruction of human embryos them. Besides all debates and controversies, Cord Blood Stem Cell has been shown to change the face of human science.

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