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| October 14, 2015

The words "Spinal Cord Injury" strike fear in the hearts of all who hear them. What? As a Spinal Cord Injury can have a devastating effect on the lives of people absolutely. The spinal cord or neural pathway from the brain to the limbs, nerve trunk line is literally the body. Break or damage and brain signals can not reach the body. A neck Cord Injury can leave a person tetraplegic (loss of use of both arms and legs.) A less injury to the spine can leave a person confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. While research is done again on spinal cord injury currently limb function, once gone, it is generally gone forever.

A Spinal Cord Injury can happen unexpectedly and when it does a Los Angeles Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer with experience should be contacted. Car accidents are the most common causes of this type of injury in Los Angeles, but falls, athletic competition, and bicycle accidents are some of the common causes of these types of injuries. Each year, 11,000 Americans suffer spinal cord injury, and some 200,000 live in this country with these injuries only. 52% of survivors left paraplegic spinal cord injuries while 47% leave quadriplegic patients ca. And while only a little more than half of all people with spinal cord injury have a private health insurance, can expect to pay at least $ 152,000 in medical expenses in the first year of their injury.

during such a traumatic time, families in Los Angeles can be often sent into a tailspin, not knowing which way to turn. But the best line of defense is a great offense. An experienced Spinal Cord Injury Attorney can be your lawyer, negotiator and your champion. Lawyers Los Angeles spinal cord know the back roads of this type of injury, and they understand what it takes to recover from this type of accident. There are both physical and emotional implications for long-term survivors of spinal cord injuries. An experienced attorney Spinal Cord Injury understand the law and what kind of settlement is fair and justified. Those who try to steer through these waters alone are often taken advantage of by insurance companies, which are concerned only with their bottom line.

Los Angeles residents and Reed Lulu Bender learned to their horror that their son, Brent, a star high school football player local, was involved in a bus crash team. Brent's neck was broken. Although he survived, Spinal Cord Injury Brent's left him with partial use of her hand, and its prospects for a normal life were over. An insurance company for the bus company offered a low six-figure settlement. But that would not cover any medical bills would have already been incurred. Benders hired a renowned Los Angeles Spinal Cord Injury lawyer who helped them to understand what they were against, as far as medical bills and Brent challenges in the future. Spinal Cord Injury lawyer sued the bus company and the driver negligent for Brent and gained considerable understanding for him. Los Angeles spinal cord Benders Prosecutor paid nothing until actually settled the case. That left them free to concentrate on getting their son healed.

Also Rita Tomlinson, a woman of 65 who lived with her elderly husband in Los Angeles, slipped and fell on a wet sidewalk outside dry. Her spinal cord injury left her unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Living on a fixed income and without health insurance were in danger of losing the only home they'd ever known. They also hired a Los Angeles experience Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer who won a large settlement with the insurance company that allowed dry in Los Angeles Tomlinson to stay home and recover from injury Rita. It also gave them a cushion so they do not have to worry that Rita could not work in retail work she always held.

Experience Spinal Cord Injury lawyer can help you navigate by following this type of devastating injury. A Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer knows exactly how to deal with insurance companies that would probably offer less than they deserve for such damage. The consequences of this type of spinal cord injury affect everything. A family finances may crumble, medical bills can turn into mountains and stress on a family dealing with Spinal Cord Injury can be devastating. There may be years of rehabilitation, special needs renovations and retraining. Only an experienced Los Angeles Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer can help you get what you deserve. Look for a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer does not require up front fees to handle your case. Remember, an experienced attorney can make spinal cord injury incurred and will bring you peace of mind. And when you are faced with a crisis like this, that's something you can not put a price.

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