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| October 26, 2015

Know that you have suffered a serious spinal cord injury following an accident can be devastating news for you and your family. With so many serious medical problems to contemplate and digest, it can be overwhelming to have also to take important decisions on advancing an action for damages. The purpose of this article is to help rationalize making those important decisions.

Why use an attorney at All?

Most seriously injured victims sometimes wonder if it is necessary to retain a lawyer at all. After all, if you are a paraplegic or quadriplegic as a result of the accident, is anyone really going to argue that injuries do not exceed the insurance policy? While that is an excellent question, most readers will be surprised to learn that insurance companies will often challenge the victim's future care costs and other needs identfied as a way to lower chip damage.

Getting a lawyer is key to ensuring your damages are maximized. And this is critical. Victims need every penny injured spinal cord can access to ensure the best quality of life possible.

How to choose the right lawyer for your experience

Accident Case: Not every lawyer practicing personal injury law and not any personal injury lawyer is experienced in solving cases spinal cord injury. Consider whether the attorney has handled actually intending clients with severe spinal cord injuries.

Network: A lawyer who went through other cases like yours will have a network of service providers who can help you access to the goods and services you need. For example, the lawyer intends to have a relationship with the Canadian Paraplegic Association or similar organization in your area? Some of the non-legal assistance lawyer gives is as important as legal assistance. Results

: Does your attorney has a track record of getting top dollar for spinal cord injuries? Many lawyers will post dollar amounts of settlements in the past on their websites. Remember, a settlement of millions of dollars for spinal cord injured person is not a great result in many jurisdictions where five million dollars were available under the policy. However, it is an excellent result when the insurance policy was only a million. It is important to look beyond the numbers posted on a website.

A final note

When we visited our clients in hospital, I was surprised to see other lawyers declined to provide business cards and promotional materials. Ask yourself if a good lawyer will troll the halls of the hospital.

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