Spinal cord injury

| October 17, 2015

Http://www.StateLawTV.com Cindy Speaker: When spinal cord injury occurs it is often severs communication between the brain and body leads to significant deterioration. My guest today is North Carolina personal injury lawyer, Michael A. DeMayo Law Offices of Michael A. Of DeMayo and he will talk to us about legal ramifications often associated with spinal cord injury.

So Michael, thank you for being with us today.

Michael A. DeMayo: Thank you very much for the invitation.

Cindy Speaker: Well, Michael exactly what it is a spinal cord injury and what kind of damage usually results from this type of injury?

Michael A. DeMayo: Well, unfortunately, spinal cord injury is generally the worst injury or affect a variety of different areas of the body, it can affect brain functions and can impair the ability to mobilize you. Often people who have severe – have you heard of serious spinal cord injuries. They are either paralyzed from the waist down or from the neck down. So, unfortunately, often this type of injury is unfortunately not correctible, it's not something you can really do to help that person can do better and is generally permanent in nature and injuries tend to be quite debilitating and serious.

Cindy Speaker: Well, Michael let me ask you this, for those who survived this type of serious injury is the recommended treatment?

Michael A. DeMayo: Well, there is a experhymental treatment. I think people might be familiar with the gentleman who used to play Superman, Reeves, who was a great supporter push for stem cell research and a number of different types of research. But unfortunately the recommended treatment is likely to learn how to adapt with disabilities, as opposed to being able to provide any significant improvement until at least the changes in science or medicine changes. Often recommended treatment is to have to deal with a bunch of neurosurgeons and neurologist and surgeons may Orthopedic, but in terms of practical know it's not a lot of treatment one can receive this type of injury, unfortunately .

Cindy Speaker: So, spinal cord patients, unfortunately, most require lifelong care of varying'm sure is very expensive.

Michael A. DeMayo: Absolutely. In general, when we have a client that has these types of injuries we put together something called Plan Life and what it would do is it will weather their medical needs and possibly tenderness throughout their life and thus time they may have some significant healthcare needs and medical practices that would be needed in the future must not also be a component dealing with their care more than likely and often they are going to need care 24 hours seven days a week, and if it is at home or when it is in a care facility as the support, it must be cost can be astronomical.

Cindy Speaker: So Life Plan is fundamental for determining the value of a spinal cord injury case. Now, you said something the family can put together on behalf of their loved one?

Michael A. DeMayo: Yes. It would be ill informed, is that a nice way of saying? It would be advisable for someone sick with this type of injury or family member with this type of injury to try to handle this on their own. There is a level of sophistication and levels of experience and knowledge that is really necessary for this type of event, this type of injury, and for anyone to try to walk alone without experts and knowledgeable charge with this on a fairly regular basis would be fully consistent, in my opinion.

Cindy Speaker: Well Michael, if anyone has specific questions how to get to the office?

Michael A. DeMayo: Well, there's three ways you can reach our office. They can call us toll-free at 877-333-1000. They can go on the web, we can reach DeMayoLaw.com and then now we have another option, which is new texting. If the text word Mayo, which is my family name and use it 333-100 number so a zero on our main number, they actually have some options in which they are in contact with someone from our office.

Cindy Speaker: Very well. Michael, thank you for taking the time today.

Michael A. DeMayo: Thank you very much Cindy.

Cindy Speaker: This is the main street Cindy Speaker law. Http://www.StateLawTV.com

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