Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury

| December 18, 2015

Patients suffering from fatal diseases now find a ray of hope in stem cell therapy. Stem cell treatment offers a cure for many life-threatening disease. Some of rare cancers are treated by stem cell research. Blood disorders, including severe anemia, leukemia, and red blood cells (erythrocytes) are now treatable by stem cell therapy. The research work is going on at different hospitals to fully discover probably stem therapy. India is also among the leading nations involved in the implementation of various research projects. Some of the most important hospitals in which research is done in India include Jaslok Hospital (MUMBAI), AIIMS (NEW DELHI), CMC (Vellore, Tamil Nadu), Tata Memorial Hospital (MUMBAI), Army Hospital (NEW DELHI) and other centers. This research has shown that stem cell therapy is very effective in neurological disorders like paralysis.

Stem cells are special because they have the unique property to remodel in different cells. This means that they may be administered to the site of injury. The cells will reproduce and help healing. For example, if the spinal cord was injured cells at the site of injury management will help in healing. It is difficult to procure stem cells from bone marrow. However, obtaining it from child cord (umbilical cord) is easy. The cable is used to provide food for the baby while it is in the womb. During delivery, the cord is cut and discarded. However, after discovering that the cord is a rich source of stem cells, it is now a valuable asset for harvesting stem cells.

Education is important that pre-born women include information about stem cell therapy and golf utility cable securing the future health and welfare of the child. If women are made aware about the importance cordon during pregnancy, chances are they will choose to use bank wire installation. Government of India is planning to take pro-active measures in this regard. Stem therapy will now be a part of pregnancy tips offered by women during pregnancy doctors at different hospitals of the state.

Stem therapy viability can only be achieved when more people opt for it. People have a common misconception that therapy may be granted only for rich people. However, insurance companies are now going to include in their protective cover. If this happens, the only obstacle to this facility can benefit procurement of stem cells. The real joy is when the mother takes appropriate measures to ensure your child's future. It will be prudent to make your gynecologist k tell you more about stem cell therapy. Make sure your doctor about it, when I ask about pregnancy tips. In the coming years, people will be more informed about stem cell therapy. It is expected that other proactive measures Pre-born education during your help in disseminating information to the public. To enjoy a carefree motherhood, make sure that you know more about stem cell therapy.

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