Stress can cause a heart attack

| November 22, 2015

Cardiac arrest (heart attack) was the curse of the human race for a long time. Cardiac arrest is the older brother of villaneous simple cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrests are those where the patient had this, dies instantly without any warning. The heart just stops working unexpectedly.

Sudden cardiac arrests do not allow any flexibility in terms of time and symptoms. It is simply attacking the system very quickly. The patient never comes to know about the state of constant falling of his health. It may feel some levels of help palpitations and dizziness that would be only sypmtoms.

Main cause of arrest is sudden cardiac arrhythmia. Arrhythmia is initiated with ventricular fibrillation in the lower chambers located sporadic pulses start firing. These pulses sporadic become a regular feature for a period of time. Thus

Impulses that essentially are disorganized, leading to arrhythmia. This state of arrhythmias can become a serious threat to the patient's life. Eprson suffering from this condition becomes few minutes time to act upon. If medical help arrives during this time, only the patient can be saved. Risk factors for

MSC MSC is a good opportunity that exists if the person has a trail of previous heart attacks. Sudden cardiac deaths have been shown to be highly threatening in the first six months of attack. The person who had heart attack must be very careful in the first six months of this.

Another group of patients who have end proved to be fatal with coronary artery disease.

Last but not least on the list are those who have all the vices such as heavy alcohol, smoking, chewing, etc. The remaining group constitutes those who have family history of heart disease and those who have high cholesterol problems.

Prevention of SCD

Although there is no cure for this disease clearly criminal, prevention is accepted as the most optimal solution.

Is best to be in constant contact with your doctor and undergo all necessary controls. There should be a fixed frequency for these checks.

Not ever skip or forget to take prescribed medications. If you skip or miss medication for some reason, immediately contact your doctor.

Sometimes doctors may ask you to undergo surgery specific, do not take this advice lightly.

Your doctor may even suggest to have a drastic change in your lifestyle, do not hesitate to follow this advice. Lifestyle change may include waiver of these bad vices, reducing fat intake, following exercies routine, your weight loss, etc.

Some of the most common tests are ECG, cardiac catherization, EKG, etc. Take them seriously.

Any professional and experienced medical practitioner will keep you on drugs as a matter of prevention. This is especially true if you have a history of arrhythmia. Beta-blockers aided with calcium channels are frequently followed paths of drugs.

You may even prescribed drugs to maintain weight control, cholesterol, artery blockage coronery, etc. Such drugs fall within the static.

It may also consider a good case for ACE inhibitors. Basically it all depends on your mood, self-control and family history of similar problems.

Remember, sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone. However, you can fight it out and survive by keeping a few things well under control. You can be the winner.

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