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| May 9, 2015

Believe it or not, there are foods that can help lower blood pressure. While you should continue to take any medications that have been prescribed by your doctor for your hypertension, and consult with him before adding something to your diet with adequate supervision, food naturally lower blood pressure may be many or add to your diet as well.

What is a good example of a food that can help lower blood pressure?

What about garlic? Yes it is true. Garlic supplements have been shown to help lower blood pressure by 5-10%. A dose of 900 mg of garlic powder daily can help lower cholesterol, reduce levels of triglycerides, and promote healthy blood circulation. However, since garlic has blood thinning properties, it should not be combined with prescription blood thinners (Coumadin or Trental for example) or natural substances that also thin the blood, such as vitamin E and ginkgo.

Fruits and vegetables can also help control your hypertension. These include oranges, greens, potatoes, beans, okra, cabbage etc. Some fruits will provide the body with additional vitamin C, which is also useful in helping to lower blood pressure.

Since cholesterol can have a negative impact on blood pressure, especially when cholesterol levels are high, switching from regular dairy products low fat dairy food a priority. Low-fat yogurt, cheese without fat or less fat, reduced calorie cheese, cottage cheese with fat levels of just one percent … These are examples of dairy products, which can help provide an advantage over blood pressure. You can still enjoy dairy products still enjoy the flavors and textures, just check the labels first to limit as much fat as possible.

Along the same lines, watching the fat content of meat consumed any. Whenever possible, especially low-fat meat. For example, white meat chicken or turkey comprising (without skin) should be considered as one of the foods that help control your hypertension. Similarly, egg whites instead of whole eggs are preferred because egg yolk is thought to contain a high level of cholesterol.

What else can you do?

Excessive alcohol consumption, especially on a daily basis, can increase blood pressure. So, remember that alcohol should always be taken in moderation especially if you are in a hypertensive condition.

Best food on your list can lose their effectiveness if they contain high levels of sodium. As is well known to increase blood pressure, sodium intake should always be carefully monitored. Omega-3 fatty acids

Are considered a healthy addition to your diet. Summing everything


Anyone can develop high blood pressure. African Americans are at higher risk for this serious disease than any other race or ethnicity. High blood pressure tends to be more common, happens at an earlier age and is more severe for many African Americans. The good news is that hypertension can be controlled. Better yet, it can be prevented.

A healthy diet consists of the right foods can have huge benefits if you're dealing with high blood pressure. In fact, a healthy diet can often be the deciding factor if you need to take hypertensive drugs or not.

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