Symptoms of a heart attack

| September 11, 2015

A heart attack is the most common consequence of heart disease can be recognized not only by three symptoms in the said article, but to be recognized by other warning signs such as chest unusual stomach or abdominal pain, nausea or dizziness, cold sweat or paleness, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, weakness or fatigue, palpitations, anxiety and unexplained.

Is very important to be calm when a relative, friend or person has a heart attack, because you have to know what to do if something happens. The first thing is to immediately call an ambulance. Then, according to experts, check the patient is conscious or not and place them on their back, kneels next to her and put a hand on his forehead and the other on their chin.

After this, tilt their head back. And lift their chin up teeth almost touch. You have to look and listen for signs of breathing. Hold your nose and cover their mouth with yours, if the person is not breathing normally. Give two breaths complete. The person's chest should rise accordingly. You can check pulse

Person by putting their fingers on the neck, along with Apple and their trachea Adam, which is the tube through which air passes from the mouth to the lungs. Put your hands on the center of the chest at the height of their nipples person, if there is no pulse. Then put one hand on top of the other. Push down two inches on their chest 15 times. Continue with two breaths and 15 pumps until the arrival of an ambulance.

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