Symptoms of a heart attack

| April 4, 2015

Today we learned that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has died at age 69 due to a heart attack. The simple fact is, heart attacks can be easily avoided if you look. You feel fit and healthy, but more than likely probably not a major heart attack waiting to happen. Simple thing is, if you look fat then you probably are and you should probably do something about it. Not only will it affect social life, but it will affect your life in general power cut 10 years.

Main reasons for heart attacks are 9 times out of 10 due to weight problems. If you look at Kim Jong Il will notice the size of the stomach, everyone can see he's overweight. We all knew it would eventually die because of it. Anyone can suffer severe heart attacks that will eventually leave dead and that is why you should probably act now. No leader of a country can get medical help, heart attack are very dangerous. Weight

Not only can effect your life. But now, being overweight will affect how people view. I bet you back known as the "fat friend". Now how do you feel? Terrible. But it's so easy to overcome. Being overweight is horrible. You can not remove your shirt on hot days because your flab hanging out. Yes, it is embarrassing and is an extreme risk your health and therefore can easily overcome this problem.

Weight is a terrible problem in today's society and I am sure you will not die from it. That not only is life-threatening, but so is your ability to be affectionate girl or boy who wants to be with any one that looks disgusting, it's true, if you are overweight. Flab hanging on the side, always eating and will probably die soon because of the health risks associated with being overweight. Not to be ugly, but if I do not tell all your friends will be back and I'm sure you do not want to be known as the "fat friend". Look just think how your weight affects your life and if I'm sure there will be no good points at all. Undesirable Weight social status, your life and much more. Do something about it.

Magen David Adom – A man suffering from a heart attack falls in Ramat- Gan, MDA first responders arrived at the scene and realized CPR- Channel 2 News- 4.

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