The first signs of heart attack

| April 1, 2015

Insomnia Alerts

More people are worrying about the state of things you get less sleep the country. Anxiety and stress levels are shooting up, and people moving about quickly to solve problems and think new strategies. It is not uncommon to hear complaints of insomnia and fatigue today.

A disturbing report of the American Heart Association links sleeplessness and fatigue early warning signs of heart attacks in women. This is the first time these symptoms have been associated with heart attack; but studies should be performed to confirm whether these symptoms apply to men.

If you are a woman experiencing insomnia and fatigue, be alert. Studies suggest that these symptoms indicate early signs of a heart attack. This is particularly a strike attack mo before. In a study by the American Heart Association, it is reported that 95% of the 515 women studied had symptoms.

Symptoms are accompanied by squeezing chest and back pain. Women should take account of these signs and get medical attention as soon as possible to prevent or delay the attack. The same study surveyed a cross section of women aged 20s to 90s experienced severe insomnia and fatigue.

Fatigue in this case was so serious that any of these women were unable to work or not simple tasks without complaining of fatigue. Women are unusual when the day is over. This type of fatigue is rare, and should be evaluated medically as soon as possible.

Fatigue Alerts Chronic fatigue

On the other hand, affects the lifestyle of the people; it should not be dismissed as something that will go away. People who suffer from frequent seizures and excessive fatigue have serious medical problems such as cancer and heart problems. Symptoms vary from

Lack of energy, fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath and dizziness. Fatigue can not always be manifested by physical exhaustion, so people should watch out for other symptoms.

Causes and treatment of Insomnia Insomnia and fatigue

Is always linked to stress, anxiety, and depression. Fatigue results from insomnia, oversleeping, lung disease, malnutrition. It is wrong to assume that fatigue is always caused by insomnia. Knowing these causes can help people monitor health conditions, and ask them to get medical help.

Treatment for fatigue will vary from person to person. Doctors may prescribe iron supplements and vitamins, medicines for thyroid problems and to control blood sugar, antibiotics to treat infections that cause insomnia and fatigue.

If fatigue is caused primarily by insomnia, the doctor will advise the use of sleep apnea machines to improve sleep quality. These machines are the best way to cure apnea, leading to insomnia, if anyone people snore and unconsciously stop breathing for a few seconds. They wake up gasping for breath. The frequency of apnea attacks leads to a poor quality of sleep, and cause complications.

Take control of your life

, so if you get more than 8 hours of sleep, to take action. If insomnia and fatigue are drastically affect your life, consult a doctor. This is no laughing matter or praise you can give up sleep, when there is pressure and deadlines to meet. This should not be your ultimate goal. Your life is more important than these limits.

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