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| September 5, 2015

Everyone needs no stress. It's what makes us get up in the morning and do the things they do. It makes us do things and get from A to B and in doing so our blood pressure to increase, is part of the normal way of things. "

I paraphrase slightly, but the essence of the above comment came dintr- a conversation with a doctor

Recently while reviewing my blood pressure medications. I'm quite chuffed really where I managed to get my blood pressure down to proportions manageable and are in the process of changing medication.

I was moved amlodipine, is a calcium channel blocker to Lisinopril which is described as a converting enzyme inhibitor, angiotensin "an ACE inhibitor, but it is a part, the real purpose of this article is to discuss stress and influence on blood pressure

As mentioned earlier, if you let stress either get or stay (for whatever reason), always at high risk of acquiring stress induced hypertension must be increased.

Also to not beat around the bush for a minute, the risk of stress linked to late-onset "type 2 diabetes also increases massively.

Addition to the risk of diabetes type there are a whole number of conditions attached, which may appear and virtually none of them get any good.

Age is not really a factor here, it used to be, but current levels of stress in society, all levels sustained stress are not good for you.

Learn to manage stress and deal with it. Coming to terms and understanding where you are today is a beginning and try to find ways to cope with stress is important.

Part of the problem with stress sustained company today is that we lack either the means or motivation to be able to deal with our stress in a sensible way.

If you follow the stereotypical image of today stressed executive, the answer usually to deal with stress is either alcohol ( inducing their associated problems), or severe exercise, by a gym.

Now first let me say that there is nothing wrong with a little drink from time to time. I've been known to participate with me odd drink occasionally (in my younger days, of course), but taken in excess this can also add to blood pressure instead of reducing it.

Also the same can be said for working in the gym. If all you need to do is to work every day frustration then OK, but if you happen to be harboring and unexplained high levels of blood pressure when taking only deceived and extreme exercise will fix it less dangerous.

Could actually make things worse. If it sounds too banal

Not too obvious or even the best way to deal with stress is to try and do it first. Learn to take things in stride and above all learn to relax.

Chill, take it easy just might save your life.

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