Treatment for ADHD without medication

| November 16, 2015

I know any of my readers are in arms that I even wrote this article. You think there is no question about ADHD medications. The funny thing is, any of you that there is no doubt that your child should take ADHD drugs, and any of you that there is no doubt that your child needs to take medication for ADHD.

Truth is, it is a very individual decision, and there are plenty of things to consider. First, just to be fair, let me say that my son has ADHD medication and as long as I have something to say about that. For us, not medicating is not an option. It helps him deal with his ADHD symptoms and do better at school and home. He stays out of trouble linked to ADHD is caused by impulsive behavior and better grades than before ADHD drugs. He also has more friends because it is easier to be around. Therefore I decided to medicate ADHD Jack, despite side effects, such as lack of sleep and lack of appetite.

When deciding to not medicate ADHD children, a lot of parents talk about fear of side effects. This is a legitimate concern and one you should talk to your doctor before deciding secure against drugs. Because ADHD drugs affect different people in different ways to alleviate possible side effects.

Some parents simply do not want to give their children medication for something that is "normal child behavior." For this, I would argue that if you are concerned enough to talk about ADHD medications might not be "normal".

Other parents really want to try remedies / diet / alternative natural therapies for ADHD first. Again, I would say do your research and know what really works and what in treating ADHD enter.

Some parents believe every child should be ADHD medications, and not very well investigate which drugs might work best for their child, but go with the first thing the doctor suggests. I would suggest that ADHD medication is the best art and not a science, and sometimes it is very difficult to medicate ADHD correctly.

My point in all this? There is no correct answer. Not what is right for you and your baby, and the best judge of that is you, after all the possibilities investigated and decisions knowingly.

For me informed choice is to medicate my son and me. For you, it could be something that works better. But you must do your homework first.

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