What are the symptoms of a heart attack

| September 1, 2015

With the rising cost of healthcare, it is no wonder that the cost
heart attack is a big winner for those medical services
working in this field. But guess who loses big is this heart attack cost
ball game? You got it … Heart attack victim. Even with us

Medical procedures and breakthroughs in the treatment
and repair of heart problems, heart attack cost has skyrocketed
beyond your wildest dreams. Costs associated with a heart attack
is not seen widespread knowledge, and until
enter the game and get up close and personal, you will learn this is a game
ought to avoid.

Your first heart attack cost, most likely will
GENERAL SERVICE ambulance. Figure on at least $ 800- $ 1500 or more depending on your location ..

Your heart attack cost will be a second ambulance medical support, figure
on an additional $ 100 +. Your cost

Third heart attack emergency room services will be general
local hospital. Figure on at least $ 750, then
professional fees for emergency room, another $ 250 or so. Then
adhesion on different deliveries, $ 500 for laboratory tests,
$ 300 for ECG, X-ray plus drugs, etc – for a total so far of about $ 2,500
for your emergency room visit. Your cost

Fourth largest attack will most likely
your stay in the ICU of the local hospital until figure out what to do with you
. Figure one day at a cost of about $ 850.

Now that you have the cost of heart attack basic way, unless
live within reach of a medical center staff, a heart specialist
on staff, you are going to get a ride in an airplane or helicopter
. Figure on an additional $ 5000- 6000 $ for this opportunity

Now we get to the real meat of our heart attack cost.
Have you already spent about $ 10,000 or so to get to this point.
next heart attack cost will make that seem like pocket change

Can figure on about $ 22,000- $ 25,000 for your stay in the medical center
heart, although
discover heart problem and try to reinstate your heart. And this does not include
surgeons cost, which can add thousands more to the overall cost
attack. So now the cost of attack is over
$ 40,000. If things go well and your heart problems can be corrected by
coronary angioplasty, you are left with a heart attack
costs remaining chemical stress test or treadmill
. This could add as much as $ 5,000 more for
already growing bill. The minimum cost

Your heart attack for this global experience will be about $ 45,000- $ 50,000
. If
coronary angioplasty procedure can not repair your damage and needed open heart surgery, heart attack
opportunity cost more than double.

By choosing foods with fat and cholesterol content lower,
quitting smoking … If you smoke,
keeping your blood pressure under control, and exercising regularly, you may avoid this dangerous and experience
… And eliminate costly attack
cost forever.

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