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| December 23, 2015

Pregnancy – It has been said that a woman is at her most beautiful when pregnant. Well, I'm about to burst your bubble and tell you that there are women out there who beg to differ – especially for those saying goodbye to their Figure 36 -26 to 36 for the next 9 months. Ladies and I have news for you, this is just one of many changes you can expect during pregnancy.

Making a baby and all that extra weight may take a toll – proving very stressful for any women tend to feel bad about themselves at the moment, why? When the fashion designers have concentrated only on pregnant women.

In the world of cosmetics we call it a make over and the world is called a cover pregnant women. It only apply`s the woman who is still trying to come to terms with her new look similar to that of a sumo wrestler.

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience even more special when holding newborn baby in her arms. If this is your first pregnancy, then you may need a little more understanding on the baby`s development. In the beginning may not even be aware of any child moving like odd flutter all because the whole process is new to you

Is around 18 to 20 weeks into pregnancy when you may first feel sensational. Don`t expect the baby to kick because there will be times baby needs to rest constantly.
to work as soon as 20 to 24 weeks in the womb will gradually increase and since then over approximately the next ten weeks, your baby will be in overtime mode with kicks and turns.

24 to 28 weeks baby can develop hiccups, which will explain any shocks may feel occasionally throughout this period. It is at this time the amniotic sac will now contain up to 750 ml (26floz) fluid that allows the child in the womb to move freely. At week 29, the baby will begin to make smaller movements, but distinct, due to limited space – in other words hard to maneuver in a cramped uterus. For positioning

Children classified as normal around week 36 if the child is now in position, head down, expect baby`s activities at this time to feel like prodding vaccines legs and arms, followed a couple of uncomfortable rib kicking episodes.

From 36 to 40 weeks, the baby in the womb to be a good size, therefore, less action. Activity on the inside is much less frequent now and even more so in the last two weeks of pregnancy. The child now expects to make his / her will look like the growth rate slowed slightly. This is nothing to worry about as completely normal.

For all those pregnant women who still feel the need to cover then go and fashion themselves up from head to toe with the latest tools fashion designer wear maternity, but what you must remember is that never The end result can not cover up – you Mama

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