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| September 21, 2015

Is there such a thing as a bona fide cure for cancer. Most people trained in research and treatment of cancer would answer this question definitively and convincingly with a deafening "No."

Right or to repeat the same lines that were broadcast widely recognized and respected medical journals media AOR. Based on available results and consistently high rates of death from all cancers could hardly be wrong. It sits understood that if a true cancer cure, whether mainstream or alternative, was found far higher death rate from cancer would have gone down significantly.

What if researchers found a seriously viable treatment protocol that has proven to be very effective in treating cancer, if not simply leading to a cure for cancer? What if this treatment protocol was so straightforward that anyone could implement? What if based on ease of deployment, low cost and therefore no profit to be made, would science table and pharmaceutical companies be inclined to promote adoption on a large scale and to market aggressively use doctors forefront.

Unfortunately, it seems that the cure for cancer has evolved into a cure for cancer that can be marketing and sold at a huge profit to the end user, which in this case is a victim of cancer or carrier their insurance if the lucky enough to have health insurance.

Is difficult to understand that after the huge sums of money invested in cancer research do not appear to be closer to a true magic cure cancer. Could it be that we have the cure for cancer is under our collective noses, but these companies with the resources to advance and promote have no financial incentive to do so?

We have made great strides in finding more and more new ways to attack cancer cells. But the question to be asked is "found a cure for cancer?" The answer might be a resounding "yes." But in the absence of a gold standard clinical trial or study paid by an entity with sufficient monetary resources to do this, we continue to be treated the same old staples of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

There are promising treatments that have been approved by FDA and development? Safe. The only problem is that with sky rocketing healthcare costs as many of us will actually be able to benefit from these new therapies without falling into bankruptcy or debt required. Always hoping against hope that new treatment protocols should spare our lives edge.

There might just be a tried and true cancer treatment that could work for most of us. The real key question is, what can ferret cancer researchers already discovered, but they have no justification money to share with us or greater frontline medical community. As always, we do not know and do not know what that refers to cancer that could be fatal ignorance.

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