What can be done for a heart attack

| December 17, 2015

Heart attack is identified as a killer disease. In fact, it is the disease with the highest mortality rate as reported by the American Heart Association. What makes life in danger? Well, this is mainly due to the fact that heart attack can happen to anyone, especially those with high cholesterol, people with heart disease and diabetes, older ones, overweight, and those with inactive lifestyle. Of course, there are other factors that trigger heart attack, such as stress and any matters hereditary. But the main reason is heart attack occurs due to inadequate supply of oxygen to the heart especially in the heart muscles. Therefore, its damage is very serious.

Fortunately, there are ways you can do to prevent this life-threatening condition. What are these treatments heart attack? First of all, you must remember that prevention is the number one cure for every disease. It is a must that you are familiar with your family's medical history to follow if they are at risk of having a heart disease. If you know that your family is sensitive to this condition, then you need to see a doctor to request any medical advice. A regular check with your doctor is the first step for heart attack treatment. This is very important to prevent heart attack happens.

There are also any simple things that can help preserve your heart in good shape. A regular exercise is a great help to keep you fit and strong. You also need to monitor weight to stay away from other health problems. It will give you helpful for general health too. In fact, regular exercise is proven to be a key factor in the recovery of those who have had a heart attack.

With advancement in technology, a lot of drugs and medical procedures are developed to meet the specific needs of people with heart disease. In fact, several forms of heart attack treatment are provided in all hospitals in the country. The basic treatment of heart attack include ECG, beta-blockers, aspirin and thrombolytic agents. ECG is important because it helps you to detect if your heart working properly. On the other hand, thrombolytic drugs known to be effective in mitigating the clot busters clot which prevents most of the coronary arteries. And to reduce heart rate and blood pressure of the patient, most doctors recommend beta-blockers.

Apart from these common treatments for heart attack, surgical procedures are available. However, you have to follow your doctor first. The main aim of these procedures is to pump blood clots in the arteries so that blood flow in the heart. One of the most common treatments is called coronary heart attack angioplasty. It is a non-surgical method that is used to clear blocked coronary arteries. The other is called coronary artery bypass grafting. This is a kind of surgery that uses vein or artery is taken from other parts of the body to get around blocked arteries of the heart. As a result, the heart is able to take adequate supply of oxygen and a perfect blood flow.

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