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| June 2, 2015

Ever tried eating food without salt? Sure, you. Maybe it was one of those days when the cook, wife or mother forgot to add a little of the white substance in your food. What happened then? Possibly called loudly to be saved from tastelessness, and salt has been presented to you immediately. Thus, it is important salt. In short, salt to taste.

Most of us look at it as an indispensable part of food and anything that stands in a bottle elegant little on mostly every dinner table in the world. Well, it certainly is that, but it has much more to it. It is not just a Tastemaker, but is a chemical compound essential for the proper functioning of our body.

However, if we need adequate amount of salt in excess is bad. Sodium daily requirement for an adult male is as little as 250 mg as a man in either consumed in Western countries as it much as 3300 mg per day. Therefore, the salt, which is undoubtedly a chemical sustain life, is a life threatening one of excessive intake.

High intake of salt in the blood pressure results, which means also that a good way to fight high blood pressure is to reduce one's salt intake. To put simply, and without using medical jargon, excessive salt hardens arteries and causes also excessive blood clotting. In addition, excessive salt intake encourages the body to additional hydrochloric acid, which in turn erode the stomach lining and can give rise to stomach ulcers.

Sodium is important for our body function. It not only helps us to maintain PH balance in our bodies, but also helps, the functioning of our nervous system to quite a considerable extent. It also helps the absorption of food in our intestines. Sodium

Also gives muscles the ability to contract, which means that without it we would be unable to move. Sodium, therefore, is not just something that makes food tastier, but makes us stay alive and work well. However, too much of it can also take someone's life. Therefore, keep the salt content in food as little as possible and live a life without hypertension.

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